Talking About The Diary? Jill and Ashley Go For Odd-Looking Beach Walk Without Joe, On Father’s Day

Talking About The Diary? Jill and Ashley Go For Odd-Looking Beach Walk Without Joe, On Father’s Day

There’s something very wrong with Jill and Joe’s kids.


Hunter Biden, a crackhead, and porn-enthusiast, who is rumored to have slept with underage girls, left his laptop at a computer repair shop and now the whole world knows the family’s dark secrets.

Similarly, Ashley Biden, who went through rehab for drug and sex addiction, left her diary under the mattress of a halfway house… and now, we know something very dark about her and her creepy father and their showers.

I’ll tell you what, the truth will always find a way of getting out, won’t it?

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Thanks to Ashley’s diary, we know she took “inappropriate showers” with her father, the fake “president” of the United States, when she was a little girl… is this really shocking?

Sadly, no.

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We’ve seen how Joe Biden oogles, sniffs and caresses other people’s young girls for years now.

It’s disgusting. 

And that diary is back in the news, now that it appears Biden and his minions are using the FBI to go after the woman who sold it to Project Veritas.

So, is that what Jill and Ashley were talking about while walking on the beach on Father’s Day, with Joe nowhere to be found?

That seems odd, but we have to keep in mind that Joe fell off his bike on Sunday, so he was probably getting a new hip while these two were out walking.

Most of the photos taken show Jill looking as if she’s suffering from constipation, and the two aren’t walking close together.

But I saw one pic where Jill was smiling, and the two appeared to be talking, so I guess it couldn’t have been all that bad.

Daily Mail reported that Jill Biden was spotted taking a walk on Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach with her daughter Ashley Biden after revealed the woman who found her diary in a ‘halfway house’ is now under FBI investigation for selling it.

Jill donned a pair of black leggings and a pink windbreaker, while the 41-year-old First daughter was barefoot and opted for a navy blue sweater to brace the 72-degree weather and 35-mph winds.

The pair took a short 15-minute walk on Whiskey Beach with the presidential dog, Commander, granddaughter Naomi Biden, her fiancé Peter Neal and the couple’s dog.


President Joe Biden, who fell over on his bike during a ride near his Rehoboth Beach home on Friday was nowhere to be seen. He had come over to say hello to a crowd that had gathered near the Gordon’s Pond State Park bike trail, with people yelling ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to the president.

Jill, who joined her husband after his initial loop by reporters, missed the fall, after zooming on ahead of the head of state. Biden later confirmed he was not injured during the fall.

The Bidens are spending the Juneteenth weekend in Delaware to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary.

It comes just days after revealed a Florida woman who found Ashley Biden’s private diary is being investigated by the FBI – not for stealing the journal but for selling it.

The diary’s explosive contents include Ashley’s speculation that showering with her father, then-Senator Biden, as a young girl may have contributed to her sex addiction.

‘I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate),’ she wrote in a January 2019 entry.

After a stint in rehab, the president’s daughter briefly lived in a Palm Beach home often used by recovering addicts and left her diary there when she moved back to Philadelphia in June 2020.

If I was Joe, I’d be really worried about what other extremely personal devices or journals could be laying around out there.


My guess is half the country is littered with the private secrets of the degenerate Biden family, and we just don’t know it yet.

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