Jill Biden Tries Slamming President Trump And It Goes Terribly Wrong LOL

Jill Biden Tries Slamming President Trump And It Goes Terribly Wrong LOL

Fake “doctor” and #1 nursemaid Jill Biden tried getting cute recently, and it went terribly wrong for her.


Jill, who is best known for being Joe Biden’s head nurse, is doing what she can to try to boost her feeble, failing husband’s approval ratings.

She and Joe’s sister Valerie think one way to improve Joe’s embarrassingly low approval numbers is to get him out there to TALK to the American people more.

The problem with that plan is that Joe can’t actually “talk.”

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Jill and Valerie think this is 1991 and Joe Biden is still a smooth-talking DC swamp rat, who can charm the pants off any voter he comes in contact with.

What these two dingbats don’t realize is that it’s 2022 and Joe Biden looks and sounds like he should be in a nursing home slurping tapioca pudding underneath an afghan blanket.

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But that doesn’t stop Jill from trying to change the perception of her frail, feeble, simple-minded husband… so her new mode of attack is to go after President Trump.


Here’s what Jill is now saying: “After Trump, people came to me saying, ‘I feel like I can breathe'”

As you can imagine, Jill got roasted for what she said:

“Let’s call this what it is: complete and total bullsh*t” 

“We call em Snowflakes’ for a reason, Dr. Jill. Is there a prescription for that mental illness?!?”

“This is probably more accurate than you think, keeping in mind the idiotic morons they pander to.”

“They can’t pay for food or gas, but they can breathe LOL okay, sounds great” 

“Democrats cater to the elites. Of course they feel this way, rich people don’t need to worry about gas and food prices of baby formula” 

“Jill, your senile husband is suffocating the country with his gas prices and inflation.” 

“What a stupid rich old lady. Nobody who is working class can breathe thanks to her dementia patient husband”  

“This FLOTUS is Bat sh*t nuts!”

“Someone should show her Joe’s approval rating” 

“Jill’s Life Is a Lie!”

“So now we know that Jill Biden is intimidated by Donald Trump,& green-eyed jealous to the maximum of MELANIA… poor sick dysfunctional wannabe doctor Jill.”

“Well, maybe it’s because they finally removed their mask while they drive alone in their cars.”

“The woman who’s gleefully inflicting elder abuse on her husband knows nothing about relief or breathing” 

It’s painfully clear that Nurse Jill and the entire fraudulent Biden admin are scared stiff of President Trump.


And they should be — after all, he won the 2020 election by a landslide and will do it again in 2024.

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