Jill’s Latest Move Just Made Joe’s Bad Economy And Record-High Inflation Problem Even Worse

Jill’s Latest Move Just Made Joe’s Bad Economy And Record-High Inflation Problem Even Worse

Well, Jill Biden has really done it this time.


She should change her name to Jill Antoinette… it seems more fitting.

Apparently, Jill thought it’d be a great idea to treat her grandkids to a lavish/expensive meal at a celebrity hotspot in LA, while Americans are suffering to find and put food on the table.

Radar Online reported that Jill Biden and two of her grandchildren, Naomi and Beau Jr., treated themselves to a fancy dinner out on Friday, June 10. The three were seen at Giorgio Baldi, one of Santa Monica’s most popular A-Lister hotspots where a steak costs customers a whopping $54 a plate.

Dr. Biden, 71, was spotted sporting a blue-green, floral-print dress and a pair of bright pink heels while dining on ravioli con asparagi for the main course. Later, an assortment of Italian desserts were brought to the Biden family’s table.

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The upscale eatery is known for hosting a wide array of celebrities, from the Kardashian-Jenner family to Rihanna. Jill arrived at the restaurant surrounded by security around 6 P.M. on Friday night, and according to DailyMail, Hollywood starlet Kate Hudson was also enjoying a lavish night out at the same time.

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Hudson was seated at a different table as she celebrated her partner Danny Fujikawa’s 36th birthday. The Almost Famous actress rocked a cute, black and white, polka dotted dress and a pair of matching, opened-toed sandals.

The expensive outing was met by criticism as the country continues to be embroiled in a financial crisis with gas and grocery prices at record-breaking highs. Her husband, President Joe Biden, has also been the subject of scrutiny, especially regarding the nations recent baby formula shortage.


You can imagine how irked many Americans were when they saw this:

“Quickest fix to some of the problems would be requiring politicians to live like the rest of us. This ain’t it, Jill Antoinette Biden…”

“This makes me so mad. We can’t afford chicken wings, but this old hag is living the high life” 

“Look, I get it, the elites are doing great and not suffering, but do they really need to rub it in our faces like this?”

“I voted for Biden and this really makes me angry. I can’t afford groceries, gas, or my rent increase” 

“None of these a**holes missed a meal or a paycheck these past couple of years”

“In case you’re still wondering, yes, the elites hate you, and they love to smear your face in it” 

Once again, “optics” are a real problem for Team Biden.

They don’t think of the bigger picture and how social media will blow something up 1000X bigger… and then days later, these same people will sit around and wonder why Biden’s approval ratings keep sinking.


And the funny part is — these are supposed to be the “smart people” who know more than you and me.

The bottom line is they really don’t care what the peasants think… they’re just very annoyed that we don’t worship and fear them.

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