Whoops: Jill Should’ve Kept Her Yap Shut About How She and Joe Handle Their Marital “Spats” 

Whoops: Jill Should’ve Kept Her Yap Shut About How She and Joe Handle Their Marital “Spats” 

The Biden admin is doing all they can to seem “folksy” and “quaint,” especially with Jill and Joe.


They want to appear as this loving elderly couple, dutifully and selflessly serving their nation in their golden years, while doing cute touching things together.

It doesn’t work. 

The reality is this: They’re two greedy swamp rats who’ve been lining their pockets for decades and are trying to get one last grift in before Joe can no longer remember his name.

What’s happening on the world stage right now is shameful and despicable, and polling shows that most Americans don’t believe Joe Biden is even fit for office.

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I know many people who think Jill Biden is enabling “elder abuse,” so her cutesy anecdotes about their relationship don’t work because every day we see a man, barely able to spit out a sentence, who struggles to walk off the stage by himself, and who doesn’t seem to understand what he’s doing or saying half the time.

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There’s nothing cute or charming about any of it.

So, that’s why Jill Biden probably should’ve kept her yap shut about how she and Joe supposedly “spat” with one another because it didn’t go over well at all.

Jill Biden sat down for a fluff piece with Harper’s Bazaar, where she told the magazine that she and Joe “spat” with one another via text message, so the Secret Service won’t hear them.


First Lady Jill Biden tells @harpersbazaarus that she and the President conduct their marital spats over text so the Secret Service won’t hear them arguing”

What on earth are they arguing about? Which flavor of pudding Joe gets for lunch?

The comments from folks were pretty brutal:

“Fixed it: “First Lady tells Harpers Bazaar that she gives basic instructions to the President over text in an effort to hide some of his difficulty with daily life.”

“Comforting to know we have a president who has trouble with daily life. No problem. Nothing to see here.”

“Oh good, so they have a written record of these presidential spats?”

“Doubt Joe can use a phone”

“Can’t you just picture Joe screaming into the TV remote thinking it’s a phone?” 

“She is nothing more than a handler, I doubt very seriously they have any kind of lovers quarrels”

“I highly doubt Joe can talk over a cell phone let alone text message”

“He texts??? No way. He’s like 105 and can’t even talk”

“That’s just the story I’d use if I had to keep my spouse from sundowning via text messages.”

“This is sad, and says so much about the current regime.”

“WTF do they fight about? Which diaper he’s going to wear? Where the keys are? Upping the 10% for the big guy to 15% to cover inflation?”

“Reading a teleprompter is problematic for him, there’s no way he can engage in a text conversation.”

“Why did she have to disclose that? Just makes them sound weird and gives the right more ammo to use against them. Ugh” 

“If his texts are as garbled as his speech, she must win every argument.”

“Makes sense. I’m sure he has no idea how to text-so she can just rant without interruption.”

“Something tells me that’s mostly a one-way argument.”

“What in the holy high school f**k is this? This entire administration and any so called journalist who puts out shit like this prove what a fu**ing joke they are!”

“The least believable part about this entire thing is that Joe Biden knows how to text”

“There is zero chance that this is true. Biden can’t even speak coherently let alone text”

I have to agree with the majority here.


I think at this point, with Joe’s cognitive issues, he’d be lucky if he could write his own name in crayon, let alone text out an entire argument.

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