[VIDEO] Jill Just Made It Very Clear That She’s The One “Running The Show”

[VIDEO] Jill Just Made It Very Clear That She’s The One “Running The Show”

Jill Biden is the #1 Handler, and she’s running the show.


Because nobody on earth knows what bad shape Joe is really in, like Jill Biden… And she also knows that we’ve all caught on to her little game.

Joe’s mental ineptitude is now on full display and it’s a huge reason his poll numbers keep tanking.

So, it’s no wonder she’s keeping much closer to her senile, frail husband these days.

And Friday was no exception…

The Bidens are going on yet another vacation… They’re going back to Delaware to the beach… and probably so Joe can get 10 IV bags of his magical medical cocktail.

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As they were getting ready to leave, Joe, who doesn’t realize he looks and sounds like he should be in a nursing home, wandered over to reporters and started rambling.

His #1 Handler, Nurse Jill, saw this and immediately jumped into action.

She kept trying to get him to leave, and when words didn’t work, Jill did the unthinkable and physically yanked Joe away

Kinda like that Easter Bunny did… remember that?


Can you imagine if Melania behaved this way with President Trump?

The media would have crucified her and him.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“What do they have on @FLOTUS that she allows her husband to be used this way? It’s actually sad. Shame on her!”

“They can’t let him speak he might accidentally tell the truth.”

“After a tough week of screwing up, Biden gives the country a well-deserved break… glad he’s leaving, wish he’d stay in Delaware” 

“Leader of the free world. LOL” 

“Jill keeps him on a short leash”

“Elder Abuse. Someone should arrest Dr. Jill” 

“O.M.G… Can you just imagine if Melania had come up, interrupted and grabbed President Trump’s hand like that in the middle of him speaking to the press “

“t’s clear that he has no idea where he is and she’s one of his handlers.”

““Dr” Jill is an elder abuser”

“This is who Liz Cheney thinks is a leader lmao” 

“Quite the optics – wouldn’t want any media questions about the 47 disasters Biden is overseeing to slow them down from getting to the beach for the weekend.”

“This idiot is not in control”

“The United States of America is the laughing stock of the world”


Well, after what happened on the vacation, with Joe tipping over and falling off his bike, I think Jill will have to double or even triple her “Handler efforts.”

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