Her Husband Fell Off His Bicycle, But Dr. Jill Looks Like She’s in Pure Agony On Her Bike (Photo)

Her Husband Fell Off His Bicycle, But Dr. Jill Looks Like She’s in Pure Agony On Her Bike (Photo)

Today was another terrible day for Joe Biden.


I am convinced that karma hates this man, and has vowed to go after him every day that his fraudulent butt sits inside the White House.

What happened this time?

Well, Joe and Jill took off on Friday to spend yet another weekend frolicking at the beach.

Must be nice, right? Americans can’t pay for groceries or gas, but these two filthy rich swampers are living the high life.

Anyhoo, Biden’s Handlers likely thought this was a good time to get their guy out there on a bike, so they could snap some pics of him and pretend that he’s really “fit and healthy.”

I am sure that sounded like a good idea at the time, but as with all things “Joe,” those plans descended into chaos and epic failure.

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Instead of looking like the picture of fitness, Joe looked like the elderly lady in the “I’ve Fallen And Can’t Get Up” commercial.

Joe got his foot stuck in his peddle and fell over.

Yep, just tipped right over.

He actually went down like a sack of hammers.


MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] New Slow-Mo Footage Reveals Exactly Why Biden Fell Off His Bike … Are Joe’s “Motor Skills” Shot?

But Jill isn’t exactly looking like the picture of “fit and tidy” health, herself.

Photographers captured a photo of Jill before Joe kissed the pavement and she looks like she’s been through the wringer… so much so that her helmet is actually turned sideways.

She looks like a loon on a bike… as if she’s just gone through hell and sort of made it back.

Journalist Ryan Saavedra suggested someone tell “doctor” Jill how to wear a helmet… indeed, since the Bidens seem to fall a lot.

That is quite a look of agony…

Here’s what people online are saying:

“She does not look like she’s having fun.”

“I actually busted out laughing, she looks like she’s having the most stressed-out day ever” 

“She looks like this is pure torture for her LOL”

“That entourage is such a waste of tax money…. Billions being squandered to “protect” an unelected turd and his disheveled wife” 

“By the look on Jill’s face there’s a good chance her hemorrhoids are acting up.”

“I’ve never seen someone look so FRAZZLED on a bike ride LOL” 

“She’s worried Joe will fall, and he did LOL” 


So, this photo of Jill and Joe’s fall got me thinking…

These two don’t ride bikes for real, do they?

They just do this stuff for quick PR points and photo ops. Maybe 10 minutes once or twice a year, because if Hoe was this “avid biker” we’re told he is, he’d know how his peddles work. And if Jill was this super bicyclist, she’d know how to keep her helmet on straight.

The point is, these are two the of fakest people on the planet, and everything they do is staged and fake.


But for the record, I don’t think Joe actually fell because of the peddles. I think his motor skills are long hone, thanks to his advanced dementia.

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