[VIDEO] Jill Learns The Hard Way That She Must Always Stand Within “Striking Distance” of Joe

[VIDEO] Jill Learns The Hard Way That She Must Always Stand Within “Striking Distance” of Joe

Joe’s #1 handler made a bonehead mistake.


She thought she could stand more than an arms-length away from her confused husband.

What was she thinking?

Clearly, she wasn’t, because Joe Biden, when he’s not tethered to his teleprompter and is left to his own devices, will make an even bigger mess of things.

Jill, who’s usually at Joe’s side and within “striking distance,” was off her game during a recent trip to a school.

If I didn’t tell you this clip was recent, you’d watch it and think it was 2021, because of all the masks… but in case you didn’t know, the Dems are back to pushing COVID hysteria again.

They really want to get young kids vaccinated and set up those “mail-in ballots” for 2022.

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MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Once Again, Biden Says The Really “Quiet Stuff” Out Loud, and Everyone’s Eyebrows Go UP

And as usual, a masked-up Joe Biden waits until he’s really close to people, and then pulls his mask down.

dEmOCrAt sCiEnCe

But it was his comments about the CDC that really raised some eyebrows.

It appears that Biden doesn’t really understand how the CDC works, because he pointed to his COVID response director, Dr. Jha, and introduced him to the crowd as the guy who’s basically “running the CDC” for him.

Well, no, that’s not true.

The director of the CDC is Rochelle Welensky, and Dr. Jha is not running the CDC, “basically,” or otherwise.

More COVID disinformation from Joe Biden.


You can watch the video below:

What a confusing mess Joe is.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Not sure if not knowing who is running the CDC is worse than still wearing masks. Nothing makes any sense. It’s intentional.”

“Yea sure this dummy got more votes than Barack Obama. …NO Covid, NO BS mail-in ballots counted until Thanksgiving and this idiot is feeding pigeons in the park not sitting in the Oval Office.”

“Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. It’s pathetic.”

“Dementia at its later stages. Joe is still vile and dangerous.”

“How many Jabs does it take to go Maskless? Are the Masks the Democrat new CHAINS??”

“idiot keeps pulling down his mask!”

“Rochelle is useless but at least give her the credit for her uselessness by remembering which clueless moron you appointed Joe!”

“He’s so lost. And he’s with kids again.”

“Joe doesn’t know why he’s actually wearing a mask & he also doesn’t know his staff. Who the F runs the White House?” 

And while this went down, Jill Biden was standing too far away to poke or nudge him.


She’s probably kicking herself for thinking she could be that far away from Senile Joe.

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