[VIDEO] Joe Biden Uses an Old 90s Political Trick to Fool Americans And It Backfires Spectacularly

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Uses an Old 90s Political Trick to Fool Americans And It Backfires Spectacularly

There are many issues with Biden’s admin, starting with the fact that it’s not legit.


But moving beyond that for a moment, the next biggest problem is that Joe Biden looks and sounds like he should be in a nursing home.

Even when they have him overflowing with a cocktail of meds, he still gives off “senile old coot” vibes, and that’s a real problem.

Next to the fraud, it’s their biggest issue.

But Joe Biden doesn’t know he’s a senile old fool. How could he? He actually thinks he won the 2020 election with 81 million legal votes… And this guy is a swamp creature for life. He’s been at this job for about 50 years now — he lives in a clueless elite bubble, no matter how much he tries to pretend he’s “blue-collar Joe.

Trust me, this clown hasn’t resembled anything even remotely close to “blue-collar” since the early 70s, and even then, that’s a stretch.

So, because Joe Biden doesn’t think he’s a senile dementia patient, he truly believes that the ONE THING that’s bringing him down is that he has not talked directly to the American people like only HE knows how to do.

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This harkens back to Joe’s old political days when he had a very “plain talkin'” way to communicate with folks. And it worked for him…. decades ago when his brain wasn’t mush.

That version of Joe Biden, who used self-deprecating humor, and talked his phony “common-sense” way, is gone. The version we have now can hardly string a sentence together, and it’s painful watching him try.

But Joe is too narcissistic and pampered to know this.

Joe wants to manipulate voters like he used to.

He wants to get up there and “fast talk” and sell the country snake oil and pull the wool over their eyes like he used to back in 1992, so his polls will go up and he can take a nap.

But that will not happen. Times have changed, Mr. Magoo…

The American people are very different now than they were in the 90s, and so is Joe Biden… but he and his team don’t seem to realize that…

Which explains why he’s still doing silly 90s stuff like we see below, where he stands there and tells everyone how great they have it, while Americans are drowning in a sea of Biden inflation, soaring gas prices, and wages that are nowhere near high enough.

But Joe thinks this is the 90s when Americans still respected politicians and believed the nonsense they said, especially the “good guys” like Joe “blue-collar” Biden.

Give me a break. That shtick is so done and over, it’s not even funny.


But that’s what Joe does here… He plays that old 90s political trick that used to work, and it backfires so epically, you won’t believe it.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Is this some sort of sick joke”

“I’m sorry. What? What Americans are you talking to”

“He’s stupid, lying, or both. Either way 2024 can’t come soon enough.”

“Holy sh!t! Joe’s smoking crack now too…”

“This is a slap in the face to every American.”

“Joe Biden lies without a conscience, today’s Democrat platform\living the lies as they take your freedom”

“If you believe this bull crap, you’re a special kind of apparatchik, useful idiot..”

“I’d like to see the America he’s living in and talking about. Gas cost me $70 dollars the other day. SEVENTY!”

“Surely no one actually believes this.”

“I can’t take another 3 years of this horseshit. F**k you, Joe”

All @JoeBiden does is lie. Is it because he’s a liar, or because he’s too addled to question what his staff puts in front of him?”

“reconcile this with polling that shows 75% of Americans say we’re on the wrong track”

“What alternate reality does this man live in?”

“Is he talking about Ukraine or America??”

“Is this momo for real? Americans 401k’s have been destroyed all while getting scalped on inflation”

“Is this guy fu**in delusional…?”

“Would you stop lying? I know it’s tough since you’re a career politician plus your mental competence is dwindling, but try to remember we are not idiots. Well, the people who voted for you are (no, I didn’t vote for Trump either)”

“He is lost and confused!”

There are so many more comments like this, thousands, actually.

But trust me, Joe isn’t confused about this. He really is reaching into his bag and pulling out an old “trick” he used to use successfully.

How else do you think they pushed NAFTA through? It killed the middle-class, and they knew it would, but they stood up there and lied, and then when the middle-class died, they stood up there and told us all how strong it was.

Rinse and repeat. 


This is how old politicians operated, and Joe doesn’t know any other way… He still thinks he can fool you… and that’s both funny and sad.

I guess you can’t teach an old swamp dog new tricks.

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