[VIDEO] Another BLOW: Once Again, Joe Biden Stumbles UP The Stairs Of Air Force One

[VIDEO] Another BLOW: Once Again, Joe Biden Stumbles UP The Stairs Of Air Force One

Joe Biden is declining right before our very eyes.


In every way, shape, and form possible.

From his failed attempts to speak, him wandering around small stages looking for an exit, his shuffle, and weak and feeble overall look… Joe is just one big walking mess.

All in all, Joe is a disaster, and everyone can see and hear it, but the media refuses to report on it.

And today, things just took another turn for the worse.

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We all remember when Joe Biden fell UP the stairs of Air Force One, right?

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Well, it happened again today.

That’s right, Joe Biden stumbled up the stairs trying to walk the stairs on Air Force One… the only good news for Joe is that this time, he only stumbled once, not three times.

I guess that’s an improvement, eh?




Someone needs to get this man into a nursing home and put him and the country out of this humiliating misery.

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