[VIDEO] Joe Biden CREEPILY Latches Onto Girlfriend of Argentine President Fernandez Right In Front Of Jill

[VIDEO] Joe Biden CREEPILY Latches Onto Girlfriend of Argentine President Fernandez Right In Front Of Jill

Joe Biden is such an out-of-control womanizing creep, that he can’t even control himself on the world stage when he’s standing right next to his wife.


Here’s what happened: Joe Biden got very grabby with the girlfriend of Argentine President Alberto Fernandez.

He took a hold of her hand, and didn’t want to let go… when she finally broke free, he actually went back in and started touching her again… and this was all going on right in front of hi wife Jill Biden.

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It was so bizarre and creeptacular that the local press pointed it out, calling it “strange.”

Uh, yeah, ya think??

Here’s what the editor of El American said to his over 75 Twitter followers: “The strange moment in which Biden takes the hand of the girlfriend of Argentine President Alberto Fernández and does not let go; then he starts touching her again.”

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Here’s what people online are saying:

“He clearly thinks she’s being given to him as a welcome gift.”

“It’s just ingrained in his DNA. It’s who he is”

“Surprised he didn’t try to bring her closer and take a good sniff”

“That cameraman really knows Biden doesn’t he. That’s amazing”

“Is he aware she’s an adult?”

“Dear God, the man has zero filter!”

“.. old Joe just never changes does he!..lol”

“I dealt with that all the time… when I worked in a nursing home.”

“Dirty old man.”

“Creeper alert”

“He’s totally lost. All he was keyed on was a pretty girl. I don’t think he really knows what’s going on.”

“Biden’s wife Jill and the Argentine President’s girlfriend are both blondes and both dressed in white. Old Joe got confused again, or he’s just a filthy old perv. LOL” 

“What a pervert! He can’t keep his hands off of her!”

Just imagine what the press would do if President Trump did that… but they won’t say a peep about Biden, meanwhile, the American people and the rest of the world watch this and cringe.


Joe Biden needs help. He should be in a nursing home, not pretending to be “president.”

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