[VIDEO] Frail Joe Biden Falls Yet Again, This Time While Trying to Ride His Bike On Vacation

[VIDEO] Frail Joe Biden Falls Yet Again, This Time While Trying to Ride His Bike On Vacation

In their ongoing quest to make it seem as if Joe Biden is a fit and active guy, the Handlers are now sticking the poor old coot on a bike and shoving him down the street.


Gee, what could go wrong?

Well, a lot, actually…

Joe Biden, who recently fell UP the stairs of Air Force One for a second humiliating time, and who has been declining in his “mental fitness,” isn’t doing much better in the physical fitness aspects either.

Biden is on yet another vacation back at home… you know, Alzheimer’s patients love being in “familiar” places, so it isn’t surprising that Joe goes home so much.

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But what is absurd are the Handlers who are so desperate for a “good photo op” for Joe, that they dress this frail old man up like Lance Armstrong and balance him on a bike.

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So, what ended up happening?

Well, he fell off his bike, of course…



We’re told by the media that Joe just SPRUNG right up, in GREAT spirits, and started smiling and chuckling with the locals.

Okay, sure bet:

Good Lord, give it a rest, you sycophants.

The memes have already started…

A new angle from the video shows that Biden was actually perfectly stationary when he just tipped over.

This man should NOT be on a bike. He needs to be in bed.

Let’s just face it, everyone, no matter what stunts the Handlers pull, or how hard they try to make Joe Biden seem like a sprite old fella, all he will ever be is a marble-mouthed/mush-for-brains old man, who should be in a nursing home, not the White House.

And if that bit of truth offends you, I really don’t care.


There are Americans who can’t afford groceries or gas, and can’t pay rent because of this blabbering buffoon and his asinine policies, so it’s about time we all start speaking the harsh and ugly truth.

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