New G7 “Group Photo” Shows What an “Outcast” Joe Biden Truly is

New G7 “Group Photo” Shows What an “Outcast” Joe Biden Truly is

The Handlers have packed up Joe Biden’s little underoos and his cue cards and shipped him off to the G7 meeting in Austria.

“YOU are Joe Biden. YOU are going to the G7”


I bet that’s what the first cue card says.

This is when world leaders once again ignore that Joe Biden is an Alzheimer’s patient and pretend he’s the leader of the most powerful country in the world… but deep down everyone knows what Biden is.

They know he’s wildly unpopular back home and has no real power.

They also know that he didn’t get 81 million legal votes, probably better than most of us do.

And that’s why photos like this get so much attention.

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The new group photo of the G7 meeting has the 5 male leaders at the center of the picture, all enjoying this active “The Hangover” type pose, complete with a big ol’ bro-hug… it’s pretty epic-looking…

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And then there’s Biden on the end, next to the old lady.



Here’s what people online are saying:

“Oh this is perfect, Joe is shoved off to the side with the lady, while the men share a bro moment” 

“It’s like a vibrant family picture with the elderly condused parents at the end.” 

“Perfect depiction of the US right now…Joe’s at the old people’s table” 

“US is a laughingstock now.”

“Because he already wrote the $200B check. No further incentive to interact with him.. Unless Biden starts humping someone’s leg, it’s best to just let him finish…”

“YOU don’t stand in the middle YOU don’t project American power YOU miss out on bro hug”

“A bro hug wasn’t on Biden’s cue card…”

“Joe’s busy grabbing granny”

I saw this meme…



I don’t know about you, but I prefer this picture much more.

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