[VIDEO] Jimmy Kimmel Goes to Commercial Break To Stop Incoherent Rambling From Joe Biden

[VIDEO] Jimmy Kimmel Goes to Commercial Break To Stop Incoherent Rambling From Joe Biden

Jill Biden and Joe’s sister Valerie think they know how to turn this political mess around… All they need to do is get Joe out there more so he can TALK to the American people like only he knows how to do.

Yes, this is actually what these two ding-a-ling women think.


I guess nobody told them it’s no longer 1991, and Joe can’t string a sentence together in the year 2022.

Trust me, he’s not the silver-tongued snake-oil salesman he used to be.

Ol’ “Blue Collar Uncle Joe” has tapioca for brains nowadays, and he’s unable to communicate like a mentally healthy person.

We all know he should be in a nursing home, not pretending to be the President of The United States.

And people in the media and entertainment should not be encouraging this elder abuse or covering for Joe’s obvious raging case of Dementia, because they’re not doing him or the country any good.

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But the media, Dems, and entertainment activists like Jimmy Kimmel don’t care about what’s right for the country. These nutjobs have Stage 5 TDS and just want to keep President Trump away.

So, as Joe flounders in the polls, the progressive wagons are now circling, desperately looking for a way to save this feeble old man from drowning in a sea of negativity and political dysfunction.

And that’s why Jill and Valerie put poor demented Joe on Jimmy Kimmel’s show… to try to boost his polls by “communicating” with the American people, and as you can imagine, it went horribly.

At one point, Joe Biden was rambling so badly that Jimmy Kimmel actually had to go to a commercial break.


Pay close attention to how Jimmy speaks to Joe as if he’s a hapless, confused little child and how Joe responds to him.

You can watch the video below:

What a blathering mess this confused old coot is.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“He is an idiot.”

“Let’s cut to a commercial cuz this guy can’t finish a sentence”

“Holy shit Batman, this is supposed to be the leader of the free world. It’s obvious to see the media trying to swoop in to save him. They are the real threat to our country.”

“So embarrassing. I can’t even believe this is happening.”

“This is just sad.”

“This is an unadulterated train wreck.”

“Kimmel: “I’m going to take a break, if you don’t mind.” Biden: “I don’t blame you.” Imagine his exchanges with WH staff when he’s incoherently rambling behind closed doors…”

“Your president. 81 million votes. LOL” 

“Listen to Kimmel tell Biden, “I’m gonna take a break” just like he’s talking to a child. They all know.”


That’s exactly spot-on. Like I said, Kimmel speaking to Biden like he’s a little helpless, confused kid.

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