Well, THIS is Probably Why Joe Biden Was Screaming Like an Unhinged Banshee Yesterday

Well, THIS is Probably Why Joe Biden Was Screaming Like an Unhinged Banshee Yesterday

Pardon my French, but yesterday Joe Biden lost his shit.


He seriously went bonkers and had this really bizarre and totally inappropriate anger meltdown over inflation… No, he wasn’t mad about actual inflation; he was mad that he was being blamed for it.

Many of us believed that was Joe’s biggest “Dementia tell” yet… the strange, uncontrollable angry outbursts.

One of my colleagues wrote a piece about it yesterday.

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I know, that when I lived with my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s, she started having those strange anger outbursts. They happened here and there at first and then happened much more often. She would fly off the handle over anything she perceived as a slight against her… and sometimes, it would get so bad that she’d even try to hit my mom.

So, I have seen those outbursts up close and personal, and when I saw that clip of Joe’s, I saw my “grandmother” in his eyes.

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I believe Joe is very frustrated by his fraudulent and failed “presidency.” And I think his mental condition exasperates that anger, and because of whatever ails him, Joe can’t hold it in or mask it.

And I think I found one HUGE reason he went off the rails yesterday… because it’s a doozy.

Yesterday, Biden’s approval rating hit the lowest point in Gallup’s history.

Talk about a historic flop, right?


Issue Insights reported that on day 487 in office, President Joe Biden set a new record. He has the lowest approval rating of all presidents at this point in their presidencies since Gallup started tracking this in 1945.

According to Gallup’s Presidential Job Approval Center, just 41% approve of the job Biden is doing. That’s worse than Gerald Ford, or Lyndon Johnson, or even Jimmy Carter on day 487. Much worse than Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama.

To add insult to his injury, Biden’s approval rating is now lower than Trump’s was at this point in Trump’s first term.

Biden’s oh-so-presidential response to his cratering support: he is “seething.”

Instead of accepting blame, Biden and his “inner circle” are blaming everyone around them, including the White House staff. Politico reports that: “Members of Biden’s inner circle, including first lady Jill Biden and the president’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, have complained that West Wing staff has managed Biden with kid gloves, not putting him on the road more or allowing him to flash more of his genuine, relatable, albeit gaffe-prone self.”

Yeah, letting Biden be Biden will work.

Maybe Jill and the rest of the inner circle will convince Joe to change his hairstyle like Carter did halfway through his presidency in hopes that it would win people back to his side.

Do I even need to remind you it’s mathematically impossible for Joe Biden to have won 81 million LEGAL votes, and to have fallen this fast and this hard, with no bottom in sight, in the polls?

Inflation or not, this clown would still have a lot of padding to stop the massive free-fall if he really had all of those very loyal and understanding voters standing behind him and giving him time and the benefit of the doubt to get things straightened out.

But that’s not happening, and we all know why don’t we?

Yes, we do.

Well, in the short run, I’m glad to see this decrepit, senile old cheater humiliated and angry.

I hope it gets even worse. 


Cheaters never truly “win” and they won’t continue to prosper.

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