Here’s a Little Secret About Joe Biden’s Social Media That They’ve Kept Under Wraps Until Now

Here’s a Little Secret About Joe Biden’s Social Media That They’ve Kept Under Wraps Until Now

President Trump had a very powerful presence on social media before the Democrat communists canceled him.


When Trump was in office, he and Dan Scavino ran the social media for the White House, and it was very effective and really, really big.

So big, that in order to pull off the sham 2020 steal, they needed to get rid of Trump, and erase him from the net.

Of course, their plan didn’t work. President Trump is more popular and powerful today than ever before.

But speaking of social media, I read an article today from CNN that was actually pretty good. It was about Joe Biden’s inability to “breakthrough.” The author of the piece came *this close* to actually admitting that Joe Biden’s blundering brain is partially to blame for why he can’t connect, but he just couldn’t bring himself to go there.

What I found interesting about the piece was the part about Joe Biden’s social media…. there’s a little secret that they’ve been keeping from you.

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Now, we all know that Joe’s presence online is a snore… and the only time that he generates any interest is if he’s got some stupid celebrity with him.

But your average video of Joe trying to slur out a sentence, or wandering around the stage looking for the exit, doesn’t get much engagement.

So, you gotta wonder, who is running the online show for Bumbling Joe? Because we know Biden isn’t writing tweets, I don’t think he even knows how to use a phone anymore, do you?

Well, here’s the dish: according to the CNN article, Joe Biden has an ARMY of about 70 staffers who handle his social media.

70 people are responsible for that boring, lackluster web of lies. Can you believe it?

When discussing “finger-pointing inside the White House,” the CNN piece claims Biden’s staff believes part of the problem with Joe breaking through is a political press corps still hooked on Trump-style melodrama, a news environment dominated by Ukraine and pandemic, a Secret Service buffer that limits what Biden can do, lingering anxiety that he’ll catch Covid-19 and possibly become really sick.

That’s in between pointing fingers at each other for whose fault it is. They have the same internal meetings over and over, insisting that they need to change up their whole approach to how they’re using Biden — and then each time watch as nothing changes.

Older aides dismiss the younger aides as being too caught up in the tweet-by-tweet thinking they say lost the 2020 election for everyone else. Younger aides give up — what’s the point of working up innovative ideas, they ask themselves, if the ideas constantly get knocked down and the aides get looked down on for suggesting them?


Responding to a question about the President’s older media habits, Bates noted the weekly time set aside on the President’s schedule for creating digital content and the over 70 people on staff who help create it and manage his various accounts, as well as two interviews in the past few months with online-only creators.
“The President has a well-rounded strategy that combines putting unprecedented resources into digital engagement, speeches that provide many of his most powerful moments, and person-to-person interactions that showcase important qualities like his empathy,” Bates said.

Let’s also not forget that Joe Biden’s Twitter account is packed to the brim with bots, according to a new report.

Also, think about this… there are OVER 70 people “creating” Biden’s social media, which sucks so badly, and is so boring, and President Trump and Scavino only had themselves.


Can you see how inefficient government truly is?

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