Biden’s “Summit of The Americas” Was a Massive, Embarrassing FLOP… Hardly Anyone Showed, Nothing Got Done

Biden’s “Summit of The Americas” Was a Massive, Embarrassing FLOP… Hardly Anyone Showed, Nothing Got Done

Joe Biden’s failures just keep piling up, and this latest one is a real humdinger.


They shuffled Joe Biden off to Los Angeles last week to attend his “Summit of The Americas.”

And he was pretty much the only guy there… not really, but close… hardly anyone showed up and the group accomplished absolutely nothing.

It was yet another embarrassing flop for a joke of a so-called “president.”

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Washington Examiner reported on the massive failure, saying that for starters, hardly any leaders came. Biden announced early on that he was not inviting Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to attend the summit due to those countries’ human rights records. This might have earned Biden some credibility as a defender of human rights had he not also been so eager to supplicate himself to the leaders of Saudi Arabia and beg them to increase oil production, which they refused to do.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was the first leader to say he would skip the summit if Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela were not allowed to attend, and he was quickly joined by the leaders of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Bolivia. Biden stuck with his decision not to invite Cuba et al., and Obrador and his allies stuck with their promise to boycott the summit. As a result, hardly anyone showed, and hardly anything was accomplished.

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It’s a shame that this was such a flop, given the crisis we’re facing at the border, thanks to Joe and Kamala’s ineptitude.

Kamala is the Border Czar, and she’s completely clueless.

During the “summit,” Kamala told the tiny group of attendees that the reason there’s a border crisis is that people are fleeing dangerous situations.


Um, wrong, Madam Czar… They’re coming here because Dems are offering tons of freebies.

If you don’t even understand that one fundamental truth, there’s no point in hosting a summit.


Besides, Joe and Kamala want illegals flooding the country.

This is how the failing Dems will rebuild their party… on the backs of non-Americans.

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