[VIDEO] Kamala Plays Basketball The Same Way She Plays VP: Really, Really Bad

[VIDEO] Kamala Plays Basketball The Same Way She Plays VP: Really, Really Bad

Have you ever watched the HBO show “Veep”?


I swear, they didn’t realize it at the time, but they were channeling Kamala in those first two seasons.

It’s about the first woman VP and her staff, and how they just botch one thing after another.

Even the simple things turn into a debacle.

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Gee, doesn’t that sound familiar? That’s the story of the entire bumbling Biden admin.

And so, Kamala fits right in…

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Kamala is one of the most unimportant/rarely seen veeps. It’s like they hide her away, hoping America will forget she exists. After all, she’s even less likable than Joe.

Here’s a new poll that just came out asking Dems who they want as a 2024 candidate… look how badly both of these idiots did, but Kamala manages to be worse…

Yep, 81 million votes.


So, you can see why they hide her… but every once in a while, the Handlers trot her out and she spits up a word salad that leaves everyone confused, and then she disappears for a couple of weeks.

This time they dusted off Kamala and brought her out so she could shoot hoops with some young girls, and as you can imagine, poor Kamala couldn’t hit the side of a barn.


You can watch the video below:

Finally, she got a basket after her husband came over and explained how this whole “throw the ball in the basket” thing works.

Here’s what people online had to say:

“Why didn’t she practice? this is a disgrace. she throws a ball like she tries to run a VP position”

“100 % reflects her competence in the thug house, AND shows a little hidden story about how bad she was getting (stealing) where she is today.”

“Good grief, this woman is skilled at NOTHING. Amazing” 

“I’ve never seen anyone look so awkward in their own skin. It’s kinda sad, really” 

“Cackle the Jackal plays Ball like she VP’s. More Building Back Better!”

“She needs glasses…she can’t see and can’t aim. Pretty much the story of her life as VP.”

“Kamala, u just continue to embarrass us” 

I am convinced that karma is following Joe and Kamala around and 💩ing over every single thing they do.

And they deserve it…



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