[VIDEO] Kamala Bursts Into Awkward Fit of Hysterical Cackling While Crowd Remains Dead Silent

[VIDEO] Kamala Bursts Into Awkward Fit of Hysterical Cackling While Crowd Remains Dead Silent

Kamala Harris has one very trigger-happy funny bone. This woman thinks everything under the sun is a knee-slapper.


I think her laughter is a nervous habit. I think she’s so uncomfortable in her skin and her position that she laughs like that to release her stress or deflect from her insecurities.

This woman is clearly not ready for prime-time, and it shows.

Today, Kamala was discussing the really “unfunny” topic of droughts, but even so, she found something so funny about it that she nearly tipped over from cackling like a crazed hyena.

Kamala was describing her experience with droughts growing up in the 70s in California, and when she mentioned some Oakland radio station, she nearly fell off the podium from cackling so hard.

Not sure what was so funny about that radio station, we never got the “punchline” from her…

But the worst part for Kamala was that she was the only one laughing.

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The crowd remained dead silent.

You could hear a pin drop.



I don’t get what was so funny, and clearly, the audience didn’t either.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“I don’t think i could have a lower approval of this lady.”

“Her laugh is the sign of her weakness and her method that she uses to distract others”

“Yes, droughts are hilarious. What an embarrassment.”

“Cackling like that over something serious is a sign of a personality disorder.”

“KDIA is an Oakland radio station started in the 50s. It’s referred to as the “Lucky 13″ due to its placement on the 1310 AM frequency. Not sure why she thought that was funny…”

“I wish someone would just yell out, “what is so damn funny?””

“Meanwhile, she turned on every faucet she could find and laughed at the peasants while listening to Tupac and smoking dope.”

“The lack of self awareness is palpable.”

“Hey kids, the lesson here is don’t take magic mushrooms before you do speeches.”

“The Cackler in chief”

“Someone else said it, but it is worth repeating. Her cackle is a tell that she is lying. No one watched the hills turn from green to brown, and when I lived in CA in the 1970’s we were told to conserve water. I pray we make it the next 2.5 years, but I really don’t see it happening. What was a representative republic is fast becoming a dictatorship.”

“Personally, I think she is just very socially awkward.”

“She is a very nervous Marxist and not good at public speaking. Maybe Dictator Joe could send her to coding class.”

God help us if this woman ever becomes the next fake president, but the chances are good that she will.

I just don’t see Joe making it his whole term.

The Dems are itching to get rid of him.


When that happens, and she’s in charge, she’ll be cackling like a loon, and the rest of the country will be sobbing.

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