Swamp Rumors Swirling That Kamala is Gearing Up to Overthrow Joe

Swamp Rumors Swirling That Kamala is Gearing Up to Overthrow Joe

We know Kamala and Joe don’t get along… This isn’t news, right?


You can tell, just by looking at the two of them, that there’s zero chemistry or camaraderie.

And ironically, the only thing that Biden actually has going for himself right now, is Kamala, an even bigger dope, as his VP.

It’s playing out nicely for him because everyone’s scared to impeach him because Kamala actually seems even worse than an Alzheimer’s patient.

And now, Bumbling Joe thinks he’s running in 2024… and his staff of Handlers are working feverishly to make the announcement official after the midterms.

Can you imagine announcing you’re running again, after a political bloodbath? But I guess that’s the plan… good luck with that, Pudding Breath.

But many say this isn’t what Kamala signed up for.

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Rumor has it that Kamala was supposed to be Joe’s successor in 2024. He’d quietly go off into the sunset after serving one glorious term and then Kamala would take over, and make history.

That’s how it was supposed to go down, and now that Kamala can see she’s not going to get her slice of the White House pie, she’s reportedly ready to take Joe out another way.

According to former Clinton aid Dick Morris, Biden aids are now leaking hit pieces on Harris to the media, to try to stave off a coup.

Team Biden believes that Team Harris will use the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.

Morris points to a recent article in The New York Times that says Kamala isn’t ready for prime time. They claim she’s horrible with her staff and she’s screwed up every task she’s been given, Morris is convinced the leak to NYT came from Team Biden, and he’s probably right.


Morris also says that he’s heard rumors around the White House that Biden’s cognitive problems are getting worse by the day — and that’s easy to believe. We’ve all seen him getting worse in real-time.

Morris says staffers are having a harder time controlling and covering up for their senile boss. “I believe there may be a move coming to invoke the 25th Amendment against Biden and replace him with Harris,” Morris said. “Biden’s people are pushing back against it by shooting at Harris and saying that she’s not really ready to be president.”

Morris went on to say that “Democrats are realizing they’re cooked in 2022… They will lose the House. The Senate, they might also lose. I think that there is a sense of panic among Democrats.”

I also agree with that assessment.

Look, it’s not a stretch to think that Joe’s people are paranoid about Kamala.

I think it’s a no-brainer. 


Why wouldn’t Kamala go after Biden’s brain? If she wants to be a fake president for a couple of years, it’s her only move.

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