Kari Lake’s Got a Devilish “Ballot Box” Plan to Beat Dems At Their Own Cheating Game in 2022

Kari Lake’s Got a Devilish “Ballot Box” Plan to Beat Dems At Their Own Cheating Game in 2022

Kari Lake will be an amazing governor of Arizona.

She’s like the DeSantis of the west… very tough, she doesn’t mince words, and the left and media do not scare her.


This makes her very dangerous in the eyes of the communist Dems because they’re used to kicking around weak GOP establishment losers… someone like Kari is a big problem for them.

And they’re really not going to like the new Twitter poll she just published about the 2022 midterm elections.

Kari, like most of America, realizes that cheating played a MAJOR role in the 2020 election, and the hit movie “2000 Mules” greatly impacted her.

So, Kari wanted to know, if we don’t have properly monitored surveillance for these Democrat cheating drop boxes, would MAGA be willing to volunteer in shifts and “watch” these drop boxes?

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Kari said this about her idea: “QUESTION: If there isn’t going to be 24-Hour Video Surveillance… Would you be willing to take a shift watching a drop box to catch potential Ballot Mules in the 2022 Election?”

And the final results are quite clear… MAGA is ready to step up and help.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Proof of The Great Awakening!!!”

“Ballot Mules Beware!! We’re comin’ for you!” 

“Need to return to paper ballots only and one day voting, nothing else can stop the vote thieves (Democrat rats)”


“I am going to be a poll watcher. No reason why we can’t have drop box watchers. I will bet there are many who would volunteer. I do say though, there would have to be some “security” guidelines!”

“All drop boxes should be live-streamed to the public for the entirety of the election process. The vote counting process also needs to be live streamed to the public. There is no reason why any part of this process should be done behind closed doors. We need more transparency.”

I think it’s insane that we have “drop boxes.” None of this is necessary… it never was. It was all part of a bigger plan, and everyone knows it.

But here we are… and what I really loved to see was the hardest working MAGA man respond to Kari’s poll question. Scott Presler, who has dedicated his life to helping Republicans win elections, responded to Kari.

Here’s what he said: “Yes, & I’ll help recruit volunteers.”

And here’s Kari’s response back to Scott: “Scott, Since we have a Election MONTH instead of Election Day—can you come to Arizona to make sure we have ALL shifts covered watching these Unconstitutional drop boxes? Arizona loves you!”

If Scott’s on board, I know it’ll be a huge success.


And if this is what we have to do to protect our vote, so be it.

It’s absurd that it’s come to this, but that’s what you get in a country filled with communist Democrats.

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