[VIDEO] Good Grief, KJP Busted Telling Yet Another “Whopper” About Baby Formula, During Presser

[VIDEO] Good Grief, KJP Busted Telling Yet Another “Whopper” About Baby Formula, During Presser

Is there anybody in the Biden admin who isn’t a complete and total dolt?


Are there two people who could gather and rub a couple of active brain cells together and make a spark?

It’s a complete and total SNL skit at this point. These are some of the dumbest, most incompetent doofs I’ve ever seen.

And this baby formula shortage crisis is heating up into a major scandal because these nitwits can’t tell the truth, or even keep their lies straight.

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We were told early on that Biden’s admin was all over the baby formula nightmare since way back in February… which sounds utterly absurd. How could they have been on top of it, and yet, it’s a massive mess, and kids in America are now “starving”… how does that work?

Well, it doesn’t work, and apparently, Joe Biden didn’t know about this while baby formula issue until April…” early April,” according to Joe.

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This is a big deal.

First off, sounds like someone is LYING (again), and second off, why wasn’t Biden made aware of this earlier, as we were led to believe, and if he wasn’t, who exactly is running the show?

And third, how could Joe not know about the baby formula issue? Doesn’t he watch the news, go on social media, or read a damn paper? Shouldn’t he know what’s happening in the US and why is nobody telling him?


Well, those are all valid concerns, but now, we’ve got yet another problem…

When asked about this issue at today’s WH presser, Karine Jean-Pierre really messed up.

She changed the timeline of the baby formula scandal AGAIN.

When asked, she said Biden knew about it “LATE” April… so that would be like what? 3 weeks *almost a month* later than what Biden told us and almost 3 months later than what we were first told?

What is going on here?

You can watch the video below:

As the official WH spox, KJP should understand how important “timelines” are.

The entire Baby Formula timeline is what’s at the center of this brewing scandal.


We were all lied at from the start, and now, even when the truth is out, we still can’t get a straight story about what Joe knew and when he knew it.

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