Watch: Karine Jean-Pierre Could Be The Worst Press Secretary Who’s Ever Served

Watch: Karine Jean-Pierre Could Be The Worst Press Secretary Who’s Ever Served

I was never a fan of Jen Psaki, but I recognized that she was good at her job.


That woman was a shameless, pathological liar, and she could twist and spin a story to fit her narrative like a pro.

And when it came to deflecting and changing the course of a question, she was a master artisan.

Now, these are not “good qualities” by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re much-needed qualities when you’re covering for a bumbling idiot like Joe Biden.

Jen Psaki was Biden’s best and most successful warrior.

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Her successor is not.

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Karine Jean-Pierre is actually a liability, and I honestly don’t think there’s been a worse press secretary than this lady, who is clearly not up for this job.

Just look at the mess she makes out of the baby formula nightmare.

She has no clue, at all, when Biden or the WH was warned about the shortage, and her response is literally amateur hour.


You can watch the video below:

And the real kicker is that the press secretary is trying to say Biden and the whole government was working on this since February…

But today, Biden just told the world he didn’t know about it until April.


So, who’s right, and who’s lying?

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