Did Joe’s Frantic and Desperate WH Already “Replace” KJP and She Doesn’t Know it Yet?

Did Joe’s Frantic and Desperate WH Already “Replace” KJP and She Doesn’t Know it Yet?

Karine Jean-Pierre is not Jen Psaki.


Not many people are.

We’re not all wired to lie like a serial-killing sociopath, or stand there like a Stepford Wife, vomiting up communist propaganda like Jen is.

So, KJP is having a rough go of it.

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Psaki aside, Karine is actually really terrible at her job… I am not sure what qualified her to take over, but clearly, by how she’s handled things thus far, she’s in way over her head.

A couple of weeks back, we reported that KJP was doing so badly, that they created a “backup” for her… a skilled spin doctor by the name of John Kirby, who’s been lying his butt off over at the Pentagon for a while now.

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They quickly shuffled John over to the WH briefing room, and now, he’s been “activated.”

And if you ask me, this is the first big step to pushing out KJP, who doesn’t have a clue on how to handle this job.


KJP only answered questions for 13 minutes, and then Kirby took over.


Now, Kirby jumps in to “save the day.”


The only “bright spot” that the Biden had was Jen Psaki… that woman was a skilled liar, and when she didn’t want to respond to a Biden catastrophe, she’d just twist and spin around it so much, you didn’t even remember what the hell question was asked.

And that’s what you need in a failed, inept, unpopular administration like the fraudulent Biden one… and KJP will never be that person, so my guess is that they’re scrambling to try to figure out how to cut her loose and replace her with a white dude, without sending their base into an absolute mouth-frothing frenzy.


Should be interesting…

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