Newsmax Floats Bone-Chilling Theory Involving Pelosi and Kavanaugh’s Attempted Assassination… Would You Be Shocked?

Newsmax Floats Bone-Chilling Theory Involving Pelosi and Kavanaugh’s Attempted Assassination… Would You Be Shocked?

How far do you think the Dems would go to hold on to or regain power?


Many people on the right think there are no boundaries for the left… They think these power-crazed communists would do anything under the sun to hold on to power.

And one Newsmax host floated a Kavanaugh theory about that very topic and it included Nancy Pelosi.

Mediaite reported that Newsmax host Chris Salcedo suggested that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wanted a conservative Supreme Court justice offed so Joe Biden could replace the person.Speaking with Rep Rodney Davis (R-IL) on Tuesday, Salcedo noted Pelosi had held up a bill on enhancing security for Supreme Court justices and their families.

“A lot of folks are starting to ask some questions out there, congressman,” Salcedo began. “They’re openly wondering why Nancy Pelosi sat on a bill that was passed by the Senate to protect Supreme Court justices. Now she’s moving after an assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh. Are Americans right to question if Pelosi was actually hoping for, or encouraging violence that could lead to Joe Biden appointing a new Supreme Court justice?”

Davis dodged the query.

“It’s certainly questions [sic] that Nancy Pelosi and others need to answer as to why she thought somehow Justice Kavanaugh – after having an assassin in his backyard – is somehow safe over the weekend. We could’ve gotten to this bill last week, but she chose to hold it up and she needs to answer as to why.”

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Here’s what reporter Jon Nicosia said in a tweet: Would you put it past them? 🧐👉@Newsmax Host Floats Theory That Pelosi Wanted Kavanaugh Killed So Biden Could Replace Him.

No, I wouldn’t put it past them… not for a second.

I love how the left clutches their peals over a theory like this, but didn’t bat an eye when Dems falsely accused Kavanagh of being a serial rapist… and even cooked up people to lie about it.

That’s apparently no big deal, and we should all just forget about THAT and move on.



Here’s what people online are saying:

“I wouldn’t put it past @TheDemocrats @SpeakerPelosito do ANYTHING for power. I wouldn’t put much past the Do Nothing @GOP either.”

“At this point, if your mot questioning everything that happens, you don’t know this game is played” 

” People act like this is unthinkable lol have you been living under a rock???” 

“Not only is it possible, but it’s probable.” 

“Yeah, after they unleashed a virus to rig an election, i pretty much decided anything was possible” 


I don’t know about you, but after every crazy thing we’ve seen and heard over these past few years, would you put anything past these power-crazed people?

I sure as hell wouldn’t.

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