Remember Kim Foxx From Jussie Smollett Case? Well, Karma Just Dropped a Nuke On Her Head

Remember Kim Foxx From Jussie Smollett Case? Well, Karma Just Dropped a Nuke On Her Head

Who can forget Kim Foxx, the Cook County State’s Attorney who was BFFs with Smollett and Michelle Obama’s former top assistant, and who did what she could to make sure Jussie would never face justice?


Well, in the end, Jussie had to face a jury of his peers, who found him guilty of committing a hate crime hoax and sentenced him to several months in jail.

Of course, he only served a few days before he was released, and we all figured that would happen, but in this cruddy two-tiered justice system, where privileged liberals like Jussie get away with murder, we’ll take what we can get, right?

Well, Kim Foxx, the liberal state’s attorney, didn’t face any justice for her role in trying to get Jussie off, but today, karma has paid Kim a visit and dropped a nuke on her head.

According to Kim’s husband, Mrs. Foxx is a violent domestic abuser.

CWB Chicago reported that the husband of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx summoned police to their south suburban home to report that she had battered him during a domestic incident last weekend, according to Flossmoor Police Department records that CWBChicago received through a Freedom of Information Act request.

And, CWBChicago has learned, the state’s attorney’s chief of investigations, former FBI agent James P. Roache, has abruptly resigned.

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Flossmoor police responded to Foxx’s home at 10:09 p.m. Saturday after her husband, Kelley, called 911 to report a domestic, according to the police report.

“While en route to the address, dispatch informed us the domestic was physical and there were no injuries ‘yet,’” an officer wrote.

Kim and Kelley Foxx were standing on their home’s front steps when police arrived and officers separated them to being an investigation.

Kelley Foxx said his wife “got mad about something that was posted on Facebook that he did,” an officer wrote.

Kim Foxx “became physical” when he refused to leave, the report continued.

Kim Foxx blocked his exit from a bathroom, grabbed his collar, and threw his video game controller, Kelley Foxx alleged.

“He tried to turn on the TV and Kimberly snatched the controller out of his and threw the controller,” the report continued.

Kim Foxx apparently overheard what her husband was telling the officer and she said, “All that is true,” an officer wrote.

Kelley Foxx said Kim slapped him on his left cheek, but officers said they did not see redness, swelling, or marks, prompting Kelley Foxx to say he “just wants to be left alone,” according to the report.

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“She can’t come in my personal space and put her hands on me,” police quoted Kelley as saying.

He allegedly told the officer “he wanted to make sure someone understands what is happening here,” meaning that Kim is being physically aggressive, the report continued.

“He added that he just wanted it to stop.”

An officer spoke with the Foxx’s 19-year-old daughter, but she said only that she heard a disagreement and did not see anything, according to the report.

Kim Foxx told a Flossmoor sergeant that the couple had argued and she wanted him to leave, the report said. Police continued their investigation after Kelly Foxx left to pick up their other daughter from her job at Culver’s.

“Kimberly explained that she did put her hands on Kelley but it was only to help guide him out of the house,” an officer wrote. “She never slapped him.”

An officer reported that when they asked Kim Foxx if she felt safe in the home, she answered, “I mean, he’s not crazy.”

Kim and Kelley both told officers that “things have never been physical” in their more than 20 years together, the report said.

According to the report, officers “did not see any evidence to support an arrest in this incident.”

Kim and Kelley Foxx chose to stay in the home on Saturday night. It was the first time Flossmoor police have been to the family’s home for a domestic call involving the couple, an officer write.

I get a vibe that maybe he was drunk? Would explain why she was semi-truthful.


Here’s the report:

People are now calling on Kim Foxx to resign from her post.

This, coupled with what she got away with regarding Smollett is enough to prove to many people that Kim Foxx is not one of the “good guys.”


This is also bad news for Chicago in general, as crime soars, and Lori Lightfoot comes under strong attack for her poor leadership skills.

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