[VIDEO] KJP Shows Signs of Giving Up On The Job in This Latest Clip

[VIDEO] KJP Shows Signs of Giving Up On The Job in This Latest Clip

You can tell when someone’s had the “stuffing” ripped out.


They sag, they drag, they’re not “full” and perky, and plump… they look drained and tired.

And that looks like White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre… she just looks tired and over it, and like she’d rather be anywhere but standing at that podium.

I can’t say that I blame her. I’ve watched the past week, and she’s just been blowing it at every turn.

It’s gotten so bad, that they brought in her “big guns” backup John Kirby from the Pentagon to help her out.

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KJP is no “Jen Psaki,” who, like her or not, Jen was good at her job. She was a shameless liar and spin artist and she could BS her way through any question she was asked.

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But her replacement simply can’t do that… she’s starting to sound like Joe. Her sentences are rambling, and she’s “gaffing” all over the place.

But in this clip below, she just looks over it all and so exhausted.

Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra suggested if you watch this without the sound, you can see the signs that this job has just beaten her down.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Her answers are bad not because she’s not smart, but because lying for the regime is so outlandish that anyone being tossed into the mix at this point looks like Baghdad Bob”

“he’s in way over her head and it shows every time she opens her mouth.”

“She’s less prepared than Kamala, and that’s saying a lot” 

“This job is literally sucking the life out of her. Yikes” 

“In fairness, trying to shine this turd of an Administration would dumbfound the finest mind and exhaust the stoutest heart.”

“I don’t know what’s worse, being Biden’s WH spokesman or his sign language interpreter” 

“I dunno, she sounds like a really sleepy insurrectionist”

“Psaki was a much better liar” 

“Doesn’t help that she’s completely incompetent.”

“This job would suck. Can you imagine having to defend Joe Biden for a living? Good god, yuk” 

I dunno, I don’t see her lasting much longer.

Maybe I’m wrong.


Just really strange that they brought Kirby over from the Pentagon to be her “backup.”

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