[VIDEO] These Pressers Are Getting So Loopy, Karine is Now Making Kamala Sounds Like a Genius

[VIDEO] These Pressers Are Getting So Loopy, Karine is Now Making Kamala Sounds Like a Genius



Is there a Stupid Virus sweeping through the Biden admin?

Is it highly contagious? 

Because it’s amazing to me how much Karine Jean-Pierre and Kamala Harris sound alike.

Two bumbling women, who are in way over their heads.

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That’s what people are saying, as these disastrous pres conferences unfold, where KJP doesn’t know what she’s doing and can’t seem to get ahead of the questions being lobbed at her by reporters.

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She gets thrown off her game so often that I’ve lost track… honestly, KJP has turned the press briefings into a complete sideshow.

Granted, she does have some enormous clown shoes to fill.

Jen Psaki was the queen of lying and spin but KJP just doesn’t have that same shameless moxie as Jen had…she’s still a liar, she just sucks at it.


Yesterday she really got in the weeds when she was trying to explain why Joe Biden is shuffling around the country, telling Americans how great the economy is when over 80 percent of us think it stinks.

This is hard to watch:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“If historically means “compared to the historical period of the Great Depression, and no other time since” she may be accurate.”

“It’s not evil, it’s incredible incompetence”

“this is the sort of denial that breaks societies. (and this is why you’ve been told a bunch of stuff about guns – there’s no desire to fix the issues, so the biggest and baddest fear based distraction has to be rolled out.)”

“We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.”

“This is not funny. This is so sad. The whole world is laughing at the United States of America because of the imbeciles in our government.”

“Wtf does that even mean”

“All press secretaries are liars, but this isn’t even a believable lie”

“Exactly how stupid do they think Americans are?”

“What part of the economy is in a better place? Who do they really believe the economy is better for?”

“Hahaha saying the economy is better than the Great Depression isn’t exactly a good talking point. They’d be better off by not having press conferences.”


This is just unreal… this admin is so not ready for prime-time. They’re all idiots.

But I bet Karine’s confused and bungled responses probably made Jen Psaki’s head spin and green pea soup come spewing out of her mouth.

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