[VIDEO] Lauren Puts On Her Cowboy Hat And Dances All Over Dems and RINOs After Blowout Primary Win

[VIDEO] Lauren Puts On Her Cowboy Hat And Dances All Over Dems and RINOs After Blowout Primary Win

Lauren Boebert just gave Dems and RINOs a lot to cry about on Tuesday when she won her primary in a landslide blowout.


The left and GOP RINOs came together to take Lauren out.

The candidate running against her in the GOP primary was a tried and true RINO.

Dems voted in the primary to try to tip favor to the RINO.

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The Colorado Sun reported that thousands of Democrats switched their party affiliation to unaffiliated to apparently cast a ballot in favor of Coram in the GOP primary, according to state voter records and news reports, but it wasn’t enough to oust Boebert.

That backfired epically, and Lauren won big, as we all expected she would.

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You can watch the video below:

I am telling you, the only way the Dems can win is by cheating.

Period and end of story.

Ballot harvesting or changing their political affiliation, it’s all cheating or trying to “game the system.”

Why couldn’t their anti-MAGA guy win on his own merits and so-called winning message?


Moves like this primary stuff just proves even more that 202o was a sham.

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