Liz Cheney’s New Democrat Friends Just Kicked Her to The Curb… HARD

Liz Cheney’s New Democrat Friends Just Kicked Her to The Curb… HARD

Liz Cheney is a traitor without a home.


She has nowhere to go, and nobody to love her.

On one hand, she’s the darling of the left, because she has Stage 5 TDS and can’t stop attacking President Trump, and on the other hand, the right can’t stand her.

But there’s a problem for ol’ Liz.

She’s pro-life, and thanks to President Trump, Roe v Wade has just been overturned… Cheney can’t help but be happy about this, so she hopped on Twitter and tweeted about it, and this made her new Dem pals madder than old wet hens…

And of course, the folks on the right told her to once again take a hike.

This pro-life announcement from Cheney comes right after she asked Dems to temporarily change political parties in Wyoming, so they could vote for her in the closed Republican primary.

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So, she wants to CHEAT her way to victory?

Now, I can see why she wouldn’t investigate the 2020 election…makes sense.

Here’s what Liz said in her pro-life tweet: “I have always been strongly pro-life. Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court returns power to the states and the people of the states to address the issue of abortion under state law.”

And the backlash from all sides was pretty darn intense:


“Oh gurl. You just sent out emails asking Dems to switch party affiliation to help you win your race. You should have kept this secret for a bit longer.”

“She should have remained silent about this matter. This statement doesn’t help her with GOP primary voters who are all Trumpers. She needed Democrats and independents.”

“Remember my fellow Dems, Liz Cheney is not your friend”

“just when i started to admire u …” 

“Very wealthy white woman of privilege says she supports making women without her resources—chattels of the state.”

“I knew you were too good to be true” 

“Hey Dems, enjoy… She’s yours now, just like all the other RINO NeverTrumpers. They’ll take over your party. Hope you have fun with that lol” 

“I admire your work on the 1/6 hearings. My reproductive system is none of your business.”

“Liz, you just threw all the good you’ve done over the past few months right out the damn window. “

“You can’t fight to protect the country from tyranny while applauding tyranny at the same time.”

“I’ve been telling my fellow Democratic friends not to put you on a pedestal or make you out to be some kind of hero. You have proved my point, Liz. “

“I am so glad this frumpy old witch is not the GOP’s problem anymore.” 

“Hey Liz, I see your Dem pals are disowning you, just a reminder, we don’t want your traitorous ass back either…enjoy solitude, you loser” 


This can’t be surprising.

You either toe every single line for the Dems, or you’re a traitor and they want nothing to do with you.

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