Actor Mark Hamill Faces Massive Backlash For Posting This Creepy Selfie Pic Promoting J6 TV Hearings

Actor Mark Hamill Faces Massive Backlash For Posting This Creepy Selfie Pic Promoting J6 TV Hearings

Is actor Mark Hamill mentally ill?


I can’t imagine why else he’d post this disturbing picture of himself in his “jammies” and this bizarre tweet promoting the Jan 6th sham hearings…

You can’t be sane and do this. I am sorry, but you just can’t.

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Hamill, who is a crazed liberal that actually believes you can overthrow the entire US government with fanny packs and water bottles, posted a picture of himself in his “Suspect Everyone” PJs, wearing a little beanie nightcap, sitting “crisscross applesauce” on an office chair with a bowl of popcorn and the caption: “I am SO ready for accountability for the violent insurrection against our government & the coup incited by Trumpf & his minions. Will YOU be watching the @January6thCmte #MustSeeTV”

What an absolute nutcase this man is.

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As you can imagine, the internet unloaded on this buffoon:

“Gonna dress up like a sassy silent movie burglar to watch mind numbingly boring congressional hearings”

“Is this guy okay? Should we call for help?” 

“- Dear Mark Hamster, calm dowm! I’m sure you have never read Muh Constitution, but I can assure you it’s nothing like the complicated STAR WARS scripts you have to memorize:”AHGFRR”. Read it and you’ll find out DRUMPF was not only respecting it, but protecting USA rule of law.”

“Luke Skywalker was an insurrectionist.”

“Suspect everyone”, except the government, apparently.”

“I’d rather watch the J6 cmte than be forced to watch The Last Jedi and your shitty performance again, that’s for sure…”

“He looks like an elderly Make-A-Wish kid”

“Mark Hamill is a great example of a piss poor actor who got famous riding the coattails of a successful franchise.”

“Growing up is seeing your childhood heroes turn to cringe.”

“He went from rebelling the Empire to rebelling his medication”

“Suspect Everyone. Except those you agree with. Right?”

“Watching the guy that played Luke Skywalker side with the authoritarian group that wants to strip individuals of their rights really is something else.”

“You either die Rebel scum, or live long enough to join the Empire”

Good lord. I’m showing this pic to my kids. #DontDoDrugs #StrangerDanger

“Siri What is the only thing in Star Wars lamer than Jar Jar Binks?”

“Why does he look like somebody I’d buy drugs from off the Venice Boardwalk”

“Imagine your life being this shallow”

“this man is a certified bitch”

“The lack of self-awareness is astonishing… He’s wearing a shirt that says “suspect everyone”, while preparing himself to trust corrupt politicians. Well played”

“If this doesn’t scream mental illness, I really don’t know what does.”

“The TDS is strong with this one”

“How to destroy a legacy one tweet at a time.”

“Mark wants you to ‘Suspect Everyone’—except the purveyors of partisan news working tirelessly to convince us that the people who disrupted the ceremonial counting of the Electoral College on 1/6 are more dangerous than the guys who set fire to local businesses in summer of 2020.”

“If Luke Skywalker was Mark Hamill he would’ve been such a sucker for imperial propaganda”

I could have sat here all night posting negative comments, there are thousands of them, but I think you get the picture.

I will say this, one really good thing that’s come from social media is that it’s allowed so many celebrities to destroy their careers by just being themselves.


These people are not remarkable or extraordinary at all. They’re so used to being controlled by a PR team, and when they’re allowed to just be themselves, you quickly see how below average they truly are.

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