[VIDEO] Mark Levin Says Throw Pelosi in Leg Irons and Toss Her in Prison With Her Drunk Husband

[VIDEO] Mark Levin Says Throw Pelosi in Leg Irons and Toss Her in Prison With Her Drunk Husband

What the Dems are doing with this latest January 6th sham will backfire in their faces.


I promise you, the American people, who are struggling to pay for gas and food, do not care about something that happened a year ago, where Chuck Schumer’s fax machine was vandalized.

The worst thing that happened on January 6th was an innocent, unarmed Trump supporter was murdered by one of Pelosi’s goon cops, but you won’t hear about that, and you certainly won’t hear about Ray Epps, the guy who encouraged everyone to go into the Capitol countless times on video, but oddly, who was never arrested.

This is their last-ditch effort to try to take down President Trump and demonize anyone who supports him.

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It’s disgusting to watch, and nobody is more sickened by this than Fox News host Mark Levin, and he unloaded on Nancy, her drunk husband, Chuck Schumer, and the entire communist gang.

Mark Levin went on a 6-minute tirade Wednesday night directed at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her very substantial but completely unexplored role in the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion.

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“Nancy, what did you do on Jan. 6? Can we see your texts? Can we see your emails? Can we see your documents? Can we talk to your staff under penalty of perjury?” he asked. “If you don’t respond, maybe we should put you in handcuffs and leg irons and throw you in jail with your husband, the drunk.”

Pelosi “will never be questioned because Liz Cheney has given her cover,” Levin said.



When will we see hearings on how Joe Biden killed 13 Americans in Afghanistan, or how BLM and Antifa spent 3 months burning down American cities, while Kamala Harris and other Dems bailed rioters out of jail?

Americans are tired of this and we can see right through these political games.


Why don’t these political hacks stop with the theatrics and use the millions they’re spending on a sham show, and help struggling Americans?


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