[VIDEO] Maxine Waters Just Called For a Nation-Wide Insurrection

[VIDEO] Maxine Waters Just Called For a Nation-Wide Insurrection

So much for all that “democracy” Dems were trying to save…


I guess all that patriotic crap is going right out the window, now that they’re mad about the SCOTUS ruling on Roe v Wade.

As you likely know by now, the conservative-led SCOTUS just struck down the 50-year-old shameful federal law and sent ‘abortion’ decisions back to the states where they belong.

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And as you can imagine, the left is having a massive meltdown over it.

It’s gotten so bad that the left is getting awfully “insurrection-y.”

Mad Max, who just got over COVID, is standing outside the Capitol, telling Americans to IGNORE the SCOUTS ruling and to do whatever the hell they want.

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She’s literally inciting an insurrection on the very fabric of our country’s law and order.


I think we need an official “June 24th Committee” to investigate Mad Max ASAP!

You can watch the video below:

So, let me just get this straight… It’s not okay for Americans with fanny packs and flags to meander around the Capitol, but it is okay for a sitting congresswoman to literally “cancel” the entire SCOTUS because she doesn’t like a ruling?

Is that how this is now working, and do we call that “fair?”


This is saving and preserving the “democracy” that Dems are so worried about?

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