[VIDEO] New Info Emerges That Might Explain Creepy “Zombie-Like” Clip of Maxine Waters at “Summit of Americas”

[VIDEO] New Info Emerges That Might Explain Creepy “Zombie-Like” Clip of Maxine Waters at “Summit of Americas”

There is a really, really REALLY weird clip of Maxine Waters at the floptacular “Summit of the Americas” conference, where hardly anybody showed up, and absolutely nothing got done.


So, the clip shows Nancy Pelosi speaking and there are a few people behind her — and one of those people is Maxine Waters… but it’s odd because Mad Max is looking more ghoulish than she normally does. So much so that the creepy clip has made a ton of waves online.

First, Maxine looks like a zombie. She’s standing there, like a cardboard cutout, not blinking, making no facial expressions at all, and what’s with her neck under the pearl necklace?

Honestly, it’s so strange, you just have to see it to believe it.

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I wasn’t exaggerating. It’s really strange, right?

Well, now some new info has emerged that might explain what was going on.

We’re just learning once again that quad-vaxxed Maxine Waters has COVID.

People Magazine reported that Rep. Maxine Waters is the latest politician to test positive for coronavirus days after the Summit of the Americas conference last week.
One day after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he tested positive for COVID-19, Waters, 83, said in a statement that she tested positive for the virus for a second time.
“Yesterday, after learning of a potential exposure at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, I was notified that I tested positive for COVID,” Waters said, adding that she’s “currently isolating” and is not experiencing symptoms.

I’m not a doctor, but I have seen a lot of stories about vaccinated people getting COVID again and some are experiencing facial paralysis, namely Justin Bieber.

So could that explain what was going on with that odd clip?


We may never know, but I will say, she definitely was giving off zombie vibes, something many people predicted would happen with the controversial vaccine.

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