New GOP Superstar Just Used The Single Best Word to Describe Kamala

New GOP Superstar Just Used The Single Best Word to Describe Kamala

The woman who rocked the entire Democrat Party is kicking off her new job as a congressional rep by lambasting Kamala Harris.


We love it!

Newly elected Texas Rep Mayra Flores, ripped into Kamala Harris, who now claims the ongoing disaster at the border is getting better.


No, it’s not better, it’s actually worse… But now that Dems realize “immigration” is a top 5 election issue, they’re pretending they actually care and aren’t flooding the country with illegals.

Well, Mayra isn’t having any of that…

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The Daily Caller reported that Republican Texas Rep.-elect Mayra Flores needed only three words when responding to Vice President Kamala Harris’s claim about “progress” being made at the southern border Thursday.

“She’s honestly useless,” Flores said. “I don’t know why she’s in that position. She hasn’t been here in south Texas to see what their policies are creating, the mess that they’re creating in our country, and that their policies are hurting real people.”

“Useless…” What a perfect word to describe this so-called “VP.”

Well, done Mayra.


You can watch the video below:

This is a seat that Dems held for 150 years.

It was the most “secure” seat they had, and it’s gone..flipped by a young, Hispanic Republican.


What a frightening picture for the radical/communist Democrat Party… they’ve lost Hispanics, and it’s about darn time.

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