Actually, Mike Pence Proved What a Deep State Swamp Puppet He is With THIS Move on January 5th

Actually, Mike Pence Proved What a Deep State Swamp Puppet He is With THIS Move on January 5th

Mike Pence is a dirty swamp rat and Deep State puppet.


And he’s the worst type of swamp rat because he hides who he really is behind his “Christianity.” Pence appears this “do-no-wrong” good guy, who’s just along for the ride, and has zero bad intentions, ever.

That’s a huge lie.

Price is a full-blown traitor, and he’s always been… and he was “activated” at the moment Deep State and Dems needed him most… and that was on January 6th.

Many people don’t realize this, but Pence made a very sneaky shady move on January 5th that turned out to be a catalyst for everything.

So, what did he do?

Well, it’s actually what he refused to do on January 5th that started everything, and what caused the January 6th “stress” to boil over.

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Mike Pence knew on January 5th that he had no intention of “stopping” anything and if he had said that, it could have significantly changed the outcome on January 6th… and you have to wonder, is that why he DIDN’T say anything?

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly tweeted this out and tagged Mike Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short:

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The bigger question for @marctshort which I doubt he’ll answer: If he knew on January 5 that Pence planned to reject Trump’s calls to halt electoral count, why did Pence wait until a few minutes before Congress convened on January 6 to release his letter?

“At about 1 p.m., Pence released a memo making clear that he disagreed with the president about his power to intervene in the certification. The memo was not shared with the White House counsel in advance; the trust between the offices was shattered by then.”

Why @marctshort?

I’ve watched videos made by protesters enraged by Pence’s announcement, videos used as evidence against J6 defendants. Pence’s underhanded move directly contributed to the crowd’s outrage that afternoon. He could’ve easily released his letter January 5. Why didn’t he?


If you ask me, Pence knew long before January 5th that he would not lift a finger to stop the sham election.

And back when all of this was unfolding in real-time, I had a really strange feeling about how Pence was handling things.

I was wondering why he wasn’t speaking out against the fraud, especially since MOST of the Republican base was in an uproar over what was happening. I felt really put off at how “secretive” he was behaving, and I wondered why he wouldn’t just come out and say how he felt, one way or the other.

The “secretive” stuff had me more weirded out than if he had just said, “No, I don’t believe there was fraud.”

And now, in hindsight, we have to wonder, did Pence hold his cards so close to his vest, to make sure that January 6th was as high-emotion and dramatic as it could get?


Because he was definitely fuel to the fire.

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