There is Something Very Strange Going On With Police Footage Of Paul Pelosi’s Arrest

There is Something Very Strange Going On With Police Footage Of Paul Pelosi’s Arrest

I am beginning to wonder what the heck is on that police footage of Paul Pelosi’s arrest?


Just how drunk was that old geezer?

There’s got to be something really embarrassing on there for the police to go to such lengths to hide it from the public.

And speaking of the public, they’re getting really antsy about it, and want to know why we haven’t seen a mugshot, and why we’re also not seeing any of the dashcam or bodycam footage.


What exactly is going on here?

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The latest excuse from the police is that they can’t release it, because it might “jeopardize” the investigation.

What on earth does that even mean?

The New York Post is reporting that authorities in California have refused to release any footage showing the DUI arrest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, saying it could “jeopardize” the investigation.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) on Thursday denied a public records request seeking the release of body and dashboard camera video documenting Paul Pelosi’s arrest last month on suspicion of drunk driving.

CHP informed Fox News Digital in a letter that it has the footage in question, “however, the Napa County District Attorney’s Office has advised the release of records would jeopardize an ongoing investigation.”


In a separate press release Thursday, the DA’s Office said that it has not decided yet what, if any, charges, will be filed against the 82-year-old businessman.

“This is standard protocol in any DUI case that is referred by a law enforcement agency in Napa County,” the agency stated. “No decision has been made at this time. Any speculation to the contrary is incorrect.”

The statement was in response to a flurry of posts falsely claiming that all DUI charges against Pelosi were dropped, which spread widely on social media this week.

Yes, there were rumors that Pelosi wasn’t going to be charged, and if you ask me, I think they were going to drop the charges, but the backlash was so swift and heavy that they had to backtrack.

But let’s be perfectly clear, if this were you and me, our mugshots and that video footage would have been released by now.

I don’t believe for one minute this “jeopardy” nonsense. They’re just stalling, hoping the public will forget about this and when they remember, a year down the road, they can say the footage is “missing.”


Can’t you see it all plating out that way?

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