[VIDEO] Pelosi Gets Downright Nasty When a Reporter Brings Up Safety of SCOTUS Justices

[VIDEO] Pelosi Gets Downright Nasty When a Reporter Brings Up Safety of SCOTUS Justices

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to hear about the death threats and assassination attempts from her fellow left-wing radicals.


Because the moment a reporter brought up the safety of the SCOTUS justices, Pelosi got downright nasty.

Why would it trigger Nancy so badly to talk about the safety of conservative justices?

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What normal human being would be bothered by this?

Well, Pelosi is annoyed that the violence and mental illness from her side of the aisle are on full display, especially on a day when she really wants to mourn the passing of Chuck Schumer’s fax machine during the January 6th melee.


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It really annoyed Pelosi that she had to acknowledge Kavanaugh’s assassination attempt, and you can tell how much it irked her just by how venomous she spits back at this reporter.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Let me talk down to you peasant’s”

“Just send them some bulletproof backpacks and run shooter drills. They’ll be fine…right? It’s good enough for school children.”

“Where’s her flapping lips flailing hand super high eyebrow outrage? That’s right. Kavanaugh is not a liberal so it’s ok if people want him assassinated.”

“Pelosi sounds drunk, I hope she’s not driving like her boozed up husband” 

“Biden admin’s qualifications: dementia, brain damage or drunk. “

“Why is she so mad? LOL That was a legit and really normal question from a reporter” 

“We can pass whatever we want here.” Not a quote you should ever hear from the speaker of the house”

“We’re being led around by decrepit, angry old idiots” 

This is the last thing Pelosi needs, right when she’s trying to convince America that something that happened over a year ago, involving stolen office supplies, is worse than a death threat from an armed left-wing loon against a sitting SCOTUS justice.


That’s gonna be a really hard sell for Nancy.

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