Pelosi Issues a Doozy of a Response to Accusations She “Pushed” Rep Flores’s Little Girl

Pelosi Issues a Doozy of a Response to Accusations She “Pushed” Rep Flores’s Little Girl

The Dem Party today is the party of “anti-observation.”


What do I mean by that?

Well, they don’t want you to look around and observe anything.

Because if you do, you will see and hear stuff and come to your conclusions.

The left would prefer you don’t do that, so they can instead TELL you what you saw and heard, and control your emotions and the messaging.

This is their approach when it comes to Joe Biden’s obvious case of Alzheimer’s, and anything to do with the economy.

What you see isn’t real:

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Joe isn’t a stammering, confused old Buffon… He’s a brilliant political mastermind who’s in complete control.

The economy is amazing. You’re better off now than you’ve ever been and Joe Biden is to thank for it.

So, everything you see with your own eyes must first go through the Dem filter… and that includes what we see people like Nancy Pelosi do, on video, right in front of our faces…

Because if you watched yesterday’s disgraceful swearing-in ceremony for Mayra Flores, you’d know that Pelosi hatefully elbowed the new GOP rep’s young daughter.

It’s right there — you can see the whole thing happen. It’s not a secret, there’s no way to “spin” it, it is what it is, right?



Pelosi has a doozy of an excuse as the backlash mounts.

Here’s what Pelosi’s office is now claiming: “It’s sad to see “news outlets” that know better misrepresent the Speaker’s effort to ensure Rep. Flores’ daughters wouldn’t be hidden behind her in all of the photos of such an important moment for their family.”

It’s scary how these commies re-write the truth in such a brazen way.


They really don’t care what you think or say, because they’ll just tell a new version of what happened and they won’t deviate from it.

This is how communists operate.

However, when it comes to their enemies’ behavior, even if it’s NOT there for you to see, they’ll tell you it was…

That’s exactly what they’re doing with the sham Jan 6th hearings, as they try yet again to take down President Trump.

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