[VIDEO] As You Can See, President Trump BROKE Pelosi Into a Milion Little Pieces LOL

[VIDEO] As You Can See, President Trump BROKE Pelosi Into a Milion Little Pieces LOL

The left is coming unglued at the seams.


They just took one of their biggest hits ever, and it’s all thanks to President Trump.

After 50 long years of death and horror, the conservative-led SCOTUS just struck down Roe v Wade.

Honestly, I never thought I’d live to see this day. It’s an amazing and hard-fought victory, and this is President Trump’s legacy… and what a legacy it is!


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And not only will so many innocent lives be saved with this ruling, but it’s literally a political blow of epic proportions for the left, and people like Pelosi, who will retire from power soon, are doing so while losing one of their most sacred cows, ever.

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It’s a huge blow, and Nancy is feeling every bit of it.


She looks and sounds like she’s on the brink of tears, in this 4-second clip.


Here are her full comments if you can stomach all the lies:

The next best part of this, besides saving all the innocent lives, is that Pelosi and Biden, and the rest of these radical communists, know that this couldn’t have happened without President Trump.

They all know this is HIS LEGACY.


So, while they try to take him down with another silly stunt like this laughable J6 committee, he’s over here changing the country in the most amazing and significant ways, and he’s not even in the White House.

That’s called real POWER.

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