[VIDEO] When The Sun Went Down, The Left Got Violent Over “Roe v Wade”

[VIDEO] When The Sun Went Down, The Left Got Violent Over “Roe v Wade”

The SCOTUS finally made things right.


Most serious law experts could agree that Roe v Wade was bad and unsettled law.

A woman does not have a “Constitutional right” to get an abortion, sorry… but the founding fathers weren’t thinking of mothers murdering their offspring when they gathered together.

Now, thanks to President Trump, abortion laws will go back to the states where they should be.

And leftists are livid.

Many of these clueless commies don’t realize what actually happened.

They think abortions have been “outlawed” in the United States.

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Sadly, no, they can still get their precious abortions they love so much, but chances are they’ll have to get them in a blue state.

Other leftists who understand what happened are furious because federally funded ghouls like Planned Parenthood have just been cut off and will go out of business.

Why should my tax dollars go to killing babies?

It’s 2022, ladies… Get yourself some birth control. It’s on every street corner, and it works like 99.999% of the time.

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Either way, when the sun went down last night, things got violent in Los Angeles… ironically, LA is a city that will continue providing abortions.

Why are they so mad there? 

Actually, when it was still light out, protesters, mostly men, stopped traffic on a freeway in LA, and when drivers didn’t stop, they would attack cars with giant wooden sticks.

Wouldn’t it be easier just to wear a condom?

And when the sun set, things got even more harry…


There was also an “insurrection” in Arizona:

Most of these idiots don’t even know what they’re protesting about.

My daughter, who is a conservative, has liberal friends, and after the ruling came down, one of her liberal friends texted her and said, “Abortion has now been banned in the US.”

Oy vey…


They’re just clueless, easily duped zombies, and the media and Dems do NOTHING to help educate these dummies because they want them stupid and mad.

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