Watch: Well, It’s Official, Rosie’s New Video Clip Proves President Trump BROKE Her For Good

Watch: Well, It’s Official, Rosie’s New Video Clip Proves President Trump BROKE Her For Good

Just a few years ago, one of the most rabid/foam-at-the-mouth “Karens” was Rosie O’Donnell.



She was everywhere, flapping her mouth at warp speed, spewing all kinds of “resistance” nonsense and anti-Trump hate.

She got beat up pretty badly for it, too.

Rosie, a once-respected comedian, who most of the American public loved, was now a radial pariah with a raging case of Stage 5 TDS.

She became unrecognizable as her twisted commie politics took over her life.

Her behavior became extremely irrational.

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Nothing was “funny” anymore.

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Rosie was now blinded by rage and hatred for President Trump, and it dictated everything she said and did… and the backlash for her crazy behavior was swift and fierce; the public turned on her, and eventually, Rosie just went away.

She was no longer the “face” of the Trump resistance, she just sort of faded into the background…

Trump broke her.

And if you don’t believe it, I have proof.

Rosie is back — well, sort of…

She’s trying to make a statement about the recent Roe v Wade ruling by the SCOTUS, but she can’t… she’s so broken and so empty, there’s nothing left in her “rage tank.”

She used it all up… she’s done.


You can watch the video below:

I mean, seriously, what was the point of that clip?

To put us to sleep? Lower our blood pressure?

That clip might inspire people to read a book or take a nap.

But that’s where the “resistance” is at right now.

The whole movement has run out of gas… the Roe V Wade protests were supposed to be the “summer of rage.”

That’s a bold statement, especially when we all still remember the violent and fiery “Summer of Love.”


But what a dud the “Summer of Rage” turned out to be… I guess not that many people want to “rage” for murdering babies.

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