Interesting Photo of Sasha Obama Pumping Gas Sparks Several Questions 

Interesting Photo of Sasha Obama Pumping Gas Sparks Several Questions 

Daily Mail did this weird piece of Sasha Obama about her looking “glum” at the gas station… as if somebody like Sasha needs to worry about $5-dollar-a-gallon gas.

The crippling cost of living in the US is taking its toll on almost everyone – even former First Daughter Sasha Obama, who wore a rather pained expression as she filled up her car with gas on Monday, hours after the average national price soared to more than $5 a gallon for the first time in history.

Sasha, 21, was pictured sporting a very colorful ensemble while pumping gas at a Mobil station in Los Angeles – where prices were listed at a staggering $7.69-per-gallon for Regular Unleaded and $7.79 for Premium Unleaded.

But while the younger daughter of former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle failed to raise a smile as she completed her costly errand, she still managed to convey some positivity through her unique multi-colored ensemble, which featured a cropped patchwork-style hoodie, a matching patchwork skirt, and a bright yellow T-shirt.

Sasha added some further flair to her look in the form of some bright beaded necklaces, chunky rings, a silver belly button ring, and a pair of boldly-colored Nike sneakers.


Please, give us all a break. 

But the article sparked some questions that are worth noting.

Among the first big questions, is why isn’t Sasha — the child of two climate nuts — driving an electric car?

After all, Obama is the guy who said this:

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“Even as our economy has been transformed by new forms of technology, our electric grid looks largely the same as it did half a century ago,” Obama said. “So we have a choice to make. We can remain one of the world’s leading importers of foreign oil, or we can make the investments that would allow us to become the world’s leading exporter of renewable energy.”

And we all know that Joe Biden’s fraudulent “presidency” is Obama’s 3rd term, and they’re literally crippling the United States and destroying the middle-class in order to push through the liberal elites’ “Green New Deal.”

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Yet, Obama’s daughter is still driving a gas-powered car? Maybe it’s a hybrid, but still, not good enough by radical progressive standards.

What does that tell you?

Rules for thee, but not for me… Sasha’s no dummy.

She’s not going to get stranded in an electric car, unable to re-charge, or wait in lines to charge up for 5+ hours.

That’s for peasants. 


Also, why is Sasha holding the diesel fuel? Does this girl not understand how “gasoline” works, or something?

Green handles are most always “diesel.” 

And I agree. Sasha looks more confused by “gas” than “glum.”

And finally, many commented on Sasha’s look… she’s got that same cheery glow as her mom.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Hmmm. Why isn’t she driving an EV? Her dad will lecture all of us, but his elite kids can do whatever they please? Seems about right.” 

“Wow, every time I see her, she looks like her mom… angry”

“I see Sasha is as angry as Michelle is” 

“I bet Obama is scared of Sasha too.” 

“This always-annoyed-looking girl is definitely Michelle’s daughter.”

“It’s not glum, she just hates America like her parents” 

Well, I think we can safely debunk the Daily Mail’s “glum” story angle.

But I think this is a great time to remind everyone that elites are not impacted by soaring inflation and insanely high gas prices.

And that’s why people like Obama and Biden, and all the other rich, progressive “climate turds” won’t lift a finger to bring any of these costs down. They’ll pretend they’re doing stuff to combat it because they think you’re stupid. In reality, they’re doing nothing.


Isn’t the “Great Reset” fun?


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