Senate Sergeant at Arms Who Suggested Jan 6th Was a “Set Up” Has Been Found Dead

Senate Sergeant at Arms Who Suggested Jan 6th Was a “Set Up” Has Been Found Dead

Everything surrounding January 6 is mysterious and shady.


And things just got even more sketchy and bizarre after the death of the Senate Sergeant at Arms, who suspected “professional agitators” were to blame for the uprising.

Daily Wire reported that the man who served as sergeant-at-arms for the U.S. Senate during the January 6 riot and later suggested that “professional agitators” might be to blame for the incident has been found dead, according to reports

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Michael Stenger’s death comes amid the House of Representatives’ investigation of the riot at the U.S. Capitol last year. No cause of death was given for Stenger, a 35-year veteran of the Secret Service and a former U.S. Marine.

“Fox confirms that Michael Stenger, the Senate Sergeant at Arms who was in charge of Senate security the day of the Capitol riot, has died,” tweeted Fox News Channel’s Chad Pergram.

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Of course, McConnell threw Stenger under the bus and accepted his resignation.


But Michael strongly believed Jan 6th was a setup.

Stenger defended himself last year while testifying in the Senate investigation, and implied that the riots may have been fueled by “professional agitators.”

“There is an opportunity to learn lessons from the events of January 6,” he said. “Investigations should be considered as to funding and travel of what appears to be professional agitators.”


There is no word on how Mr. Stenger died.

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