[VIDEO] Biden’s America: Many Women Can’t Find Tampons, But Mens Bathroom’s Are Stocked Full of Them

[VIDEO] Biden’s America: Many Women Can’t Find Tampons, But Mens Bathroom’s Are Stocked Full of Them

Another day, another scandal brewing for the Biden admin, that apparently has been going on for a while, but nobody noticed…


And yes, much like the baby formula shortage, this one is also a direct attack against women… which shouldn’t be a shock, since Dems can’t even “define” what a “woman” is anymore…

This time the shortage that’s sweeping the nation is tampons… and from what reports are claiming, this has been a disaster in the making for quite a while, but as usual, Biden and Dems have been too busy pushing the January 6th nonsense, to notice.

Fortune Magazine reported that supply chain issues have caused consumers to once again face bare shelves at the store. But instead of baby formula or Sriracha, this time, the U.S. is running low on tampons.

U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan flagged the issue to major tampon manufacturers Procter & Gamble, Edgewell Personal Care, and Kimberly-Clark in a letter earlier this week, asking how they plan to address reports of diminished supply and price gouging by third-party resellers.

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“In recent days I have seen troubling reports about low supplies and even empty shelves of tampons—as well as concerning indications that instead of increasing supply, companies have increased tampon prices,” Sen. Hassan wrote. “While the tampon shortage is part of a larger supply chain issue, price gouging essential products is an unacceptable response.”

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Retailers told Fortune that they are struggling with tampon stocking issues, confirming months of complaints from consumers struggling to locate certain period products in stores.

But don’t worry… If you’re a woman and you need a TAMPON, just go into the MEN’s bathroom, — apparently, those are stocked full of tampons.

This is what you get with a “woke” liberal America, isn’t it disgusting?

Here’s what Marjorie Taylor Greene said in a tweet she shared with a video of a man, showing off all the tampons in the men’s bathroom: “Women can’t find tampons on store shelves, but men find tampons in their bathrooms. The Democrat version of America is a disgusting disaster. And everyone is sick of it.”


You can watch the video below:

This is Joe Biden’s “woke” America and “war on women.”

A place where mothers can’t find baby formula for their children, and menstruating women are called “bleeders” and if they need a tampon, they have to go into the men’s bathroom.

What a gross and twisted world Joe and his progressive commie radicals have created.

And this is the political party that wants you to believe in “science.”


Give us all a break…and please, vote these confused, weird ghouls out of office.

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