Ted Cruz Blasts Scumbag Actor Samuel L. Jackson For Racist Tweet About Justice Thomas

Ted Cruz Blasts Scumbag Actor Samuel L. Jackson For Racist Tweet About Justice Thomas

Actor Samuel L. Jackson is one of the nastiness, most politically divisive actors in Hollywood.


He’s got a terrible case of Stage 5 TDS, and he hates Trump supporters, but he doesn’t care if that bothers you… he’s made it very clear that he hopes all Trump supporters stop watching his movies.

He’ll never stop being hateful.

So, what he just said about Justice Thomas isn’t surprising, but it is disgusting.

Jackson referred to Justice Thomas with the horrid racial slur “Uncle Clarence.” He also wondered if Thomas would overturn the case, “Loving v Virginia,” Loving v. Virginia, a landmark civil rights decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in which the Court ruled that laws banning interracial marriage violate the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Justice Thomas is married to a white woman.

Here’s what Samuel L. Jackson said about Justice Thomas: “How’s Uncle Clarence feeling about Overturning Loving v Virginia??!!”

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And this was Ted Cruz’s response: “The hateful bigotry of the Left knows no bounds.”

Ted is right. If you’ve spent any time online lately, you’ve seen a lot of hateful, racist, and really vile stuff about Justice Thomas coming from liberals.

The racist comments are mainly from white liberals and have been so vile and disgusting, but this is par for the course, isn’t it?

The left always goes after any black person who refuses to live on the progressive plantation, and they call them racist slurs, and verbally and emotionally abuse them in public.

It’s shameful to see, but we see it all the time.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“The World and this Country needs to see that the Racists in this Country are the Woke Liberals.”

“Democrat leadership is destroying America vote red”

“Ted, they are incarnation of the devils spirit.”

“It seems Samuel L. is now a budding constitutional scholar. I think he should stick to acting.”

“Mr Jackson should half the mental clarity of Justice Thomas. The best he can do is read lines written for him and stand where the directed tells him. Acting ain’t brain surgery it’s living a fantasy, where most liberals are most comfortable.”

The problem is people like Samuel L. Jackson say disgusting things like this, and it gives these very bigoted and power-crazed white liberals the “green light” to use the N-word and other racist tropes against anyone they disagree with.

This isn’t just a one-time thing, either. It happens every time something doesn’t go their way.


White liberals have an exceptional amount of lethal venom stored up to use against Black folks who refuse to believe in the progressive religion.

It’s very telling when one majority group acts so superior and abusive towards a minority group, isn’t it?

Dems will never change. 

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