[VIDEO] “Camel Horizon” Theory’s Going Viral Because That’s Exactly What’s Happening to The US Right Now

[VIDEO] “Camel Horizon” Theory’s Going Viral Because That’s Exactly What’s Happening to The US Right Now

I saw this video, and it really struck a chord with me.


I know America is in some serious trouble, thanks to the radical Democrat Party, but it was this “Camels On The Horizon” theory that really put things into a simple perspective for me.

So, what’s this theory? Well, before I show you that, we need to acknowledge that we can’t sustain this trajectory anymore.

The progressive wokeness, where feelings, emotions, fantasy worlds, and mental illness rule the day, is a cancer that’s eating this country alive.

And the really bizarre part is that we’re allowing the minority to push all this nonsense.

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Do you know how many people make up the “transgender” movement? When this whole dog and pony show started, it was less than one percent — so why on earth are we allowing this itsy-bitsy minority to run the show and call the shots?

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Have we lost our minds?

It will be the death of this country.

The mentally sick, fringe weirdos are bossing around the normal/sane majority. It’s the best example of “the inmates running the asylum” that you’ll ever see.

And it truly is our “Camels On The Horizon” moment.

The theory comes from Dubai, of all places… and I don’t want to ruin it with my rambling explanation, because the woman in the video does such a good job explaining it, but I will say that it’s very true, and we’re just over the 240-year-mark, and if we don’t get our sh*t together real quick, the camels will be on our horizon.

You can watch the video below:

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Well, what do you think about this theory?

It’s scary when you think about how close we are to losing everything we’ve worked and fought for.

All because of wokeness and tyrannical politicians.

And it doesn’t have to be this way.

But can we stop what’s coming?

Can we stop a stampede of camels coming our way?


Time will tell…but the “silent majority” is going to need to get a helluva lot louder if we have any hope of turning this mess around.

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