If You Spot “The Hidden Tiger” In This Optical Illusion Painting, You’re in the TOP 1%

If You Spot “The Hidden Tiger” In This Optical Illusion Painting, You’re in the TOP 1%

Okay, admittedly, I suck at world problems and puzzles. I get really nervous and freak out over having to “quickly” solve something. This is probably why I was so terrible at tests when I was younger.


You know those brain teasers that go like this:

What has a ring but no finger?

I’ll sit there forever trying to figure it out, and then just give up.

It’s a telephone.

Oh, yeah, duh. I’m an idiot…

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Anyway, I saw this photo online, and it said that if you can solve this optical illusion and spot “The Hidden Tiger” painted into this picture, you’re in the elite “top 1%.”

Apparently, this optical illusion has been around for eons now, and it’s very difficult and most people stare at the painting forever and can’t find the hidden tiger.

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Okay, fine, challenge accepted…

So, I started looking at the image, and in less than a minute; I spotted the hidden tiger.

This is the first “brain teaser” puzzle I’ve ever successfully finished…

So, this leads me to believe that this is a really, really easy puzzle to figure out and the “top 1%” thing is a farce. 🤣

I hear this image has been around a while, so maybe you’ve already seen it, but if not, try it and see how long you take to spot the hidden tiger… I’ll put the answer below.


Here’s the image:

From  The Sun:

If you can spot the hidden message in this image then you’re smarter than most.

The visual puzzle challenges you to find the “hidden tiger” in the jungle scene – and it’s harder than you think.

That’s because the artwork contains not one but two big cats, with one much easier to identify than the other.

Alongside the fairly obvious striped predator in the middle, rather than a second tiger, the image contains the text “the hidden tiger”.

It’s this text that you’re tasked with finding in order to solve the fiendishly difficult puzzle.

The optical illusion has been around for years and regularly resurfaces on websites such as Reddit.

It’s also a popular test to send to friends on chat apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Many people assume that the message is obscured by the image’s busy scenery.

However, those looking for a clue should pay closer attention to the tiger itself.

The text is actually hidden in the tiger’s fur disguised as the creature’s iconic black stripes.

Take a closer look at its torso and hind leg and you’ll see the text snaking across the tiger’s body.


I kinda felt a little ripped off when I got it. I really wanted to see another full-blown tiger in the painting.

So, how did you do?


Something fun on a Friday to take your mind off Joe Biden’s soaring inflation and the $5.00 national gas prices…even if just for a couple of minutes!

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