[VIDEO] Media and Team Biden Unleash “War Against Noticing” On American People Right After Biden’s Bike Fall

[VIDEO] Media and Team Biden Unleash “War Against Noticing” On American People Right After Biden’s Bike Fall

I saw a tweet that was so effortless and brilliant and made a point that I’ve been trying to make for eons now:


“The war against noticing is one of the most critical aspects of the regime”

I saw that and literally said “YES!!” out loud because it’s so spot-on.

The tweet is from an account I love that goes by the handle “Auron MacIntyre.”

But what does Auron (pronounced Aaron) mean by what he said?

Well, it’s simple really, the Regime AKA “Team Biden” is doing everything under the sun to hide, and ignore the obvious truth because they think doing so makes the problem go away.

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If you ignore Biden’s Alzheimer’s, Biden’s Alzheimer’s doesn’t exist.

Nothing “bad” exists in the Biden realm. Everything is good and perfect. Biden is fit and healthy and has a sharp mind, and if you “NOTICE” that it’s not that way, you’re the bad guy.

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It’s the ultimate use of propaganda and manipulation, and basically, a huge mind f**ck, pardon my French.

And the lying fake news media is fully on board.


These people think they hold so much power over you they can tell you the blue sky is purple, and you’ll believe them without question.

And some Americans do… Not a lot, but some…

That’s why when Biden falls off his bike when he can’t get his foot out of a peddle because his motor skills are shot, the media will spin it in his favor: “Biden SPRINGS UP after falling, says he’s fine, and laughs as he takes questions from reporters.”

What a spin, right?

Meanwhile, America is watching in horror as this frail, confused old man shuffles around the country, falling, and making one disastrous blunder after another.

We notice…now rude of us.

You’re not supposed to notice all that stuff.

And there is an army of people who are standing by, ready to make you feel like a horrible person for pointing out the truth.

Fox News reported that the media continues to refuse to critically analyze the physical and governing competence of President Biden, Jesse Watters said Monday on “The Five,” after the president fell off his bike while at a full stop in front of a small crowd over the weekend.

Biden had been riding on a paved trail in Cape Henlopen State Park, Del. when he decelerated to chat with a group of people. Upon coming to a stop, he fell from his bike and was helped up by those around him.


The president said his bike’s pedals were equipped with toe restraints and that his right foot got stuck in its clasp as he tried to dismount.

Watters said the American people should be embarrassed once again by their chief executive.

“I think everybody wants our president to look good in public. We don’t live in Greece. We have high expectations for presidential performance. We like our presidents to have good hair, a little quick wit, some swagger. So we want someone to look good on television,” he said.

Referencing the “swagger” from past presidents like President Clinton’s jogging shorts or saxophone playing, Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump’s athletic skills or President Kennedy’s “movie star” persona, Watters said Biden has none of that.

“He gets up from the fall and he says to the reporters, I’m fine — And the reporters print the story,” he said.

“Joe is fine? Joe is not fine. Nothing is fine. This guy’s had two aneurysms before he became president. He broke his foot last year.”


I’ve said all along that the #1 reason Joe Biden’s polls are in the crapper is because of his mental and physical decline.

He looks and sounds like he should be in a nursing home, not the White House. Period and end of story.

Joe could change his policies tomorrow and he’d still be looked at as the frail, senile old man who’s not actually running the show.


And even though Americans are very good-hearted, forgiving people, they don’t like to be duped and manipulated… and that’s exactly what this regime and their media stooges have been doing from the get-go… a constant and overwhelming stream of manipulation and propaganda… and yes, we’ve NOTICED.

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