[VIDEO] It’s Fascinating to See What President Trump Does 1-Minute Before an Interview Starts

[VIDEO] It’s Fascinating to See What President Trump Does 1-Minute Before an Interview Starts

This video clip is fascinating.


It’s so interesting to watch how President Trump fusses (in a good way) over optics and how things “look” and appear.

It’s not surprising though.

President Trump is a master at marketing and showmanship, and he understands the importance of branding.

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That’s why this 1-minute clip is so interesting.

We get to see how he focuses on even the smallest things, like a glass of water and a side table, and how those two things will appear to people, and how they will look on camera.

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That’s the behind-the-scenes peek you get in this clip.

You get to see what Trump does just 1-minute before the interview cameras roll.


You can watch the video below:

The one that really stands out to me is how kind he is to the guy who’s working for him, “Nick.”

President Trump is soft-spoken and very nice, as he’s asking Nick to do things for him.


This was a fun “peek” behind the curtain.

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