Whoa! President Trump Just Shook Up The Entire J6 Committee Like Only HE Can… Now What, Liz?

Whoa! President Trump Just Shook Up The Entire J6 Committee Like Only HE Can… Now What, Liz?

The J6 Sham Trial is still going on.


That’s right, as inflation soared to the highest levels in 41 years, gas prices are now averaging $5.00 a gallon across the country, and we’re in a housing mess from hell, what are the Dems and RINOs focused on?

Something that happened nearly two years ago…

January 6th…

The day Chuck Schumer’s fax machine was vandalized and someone stole Pelosi’s lectern.

Yes, what a calamity. Worse than 911, and Pearl Harbor… bla bla bla

The true crime and sadness of that day was the murder of an innocent, unarmed Trump supporter by the name of Ashli Babbitt. That’s what should be investigated, but of course, the sham committee doesn’t care about her.

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They’re out to “destroy” President Trump for the umpteenth time.

MORE NEWS: “Newly Discovered” Photo of Mike Pence “HIDING” on Jan 6 From Trump-Supporting “Assassins” is a Total Joke

It’s tiresome. 

And this time, they’ve used taxpayer dollars to hire some ABC producer to make it look like “must-see TV.”

Of course, that’s not working.

The ratings suck.

Even still, President Trump is shaking things up, like you knew he would.

Trump is now making a demand that he get “equal air time” to rebut the lies being spewed at this goofy hearing.


Trump took to Truth, where he listed his demands:


I love it.

He has every right to demand this, and I am thrilled that he has.

Let’s see how the January 6th committee bozos respond to this… after all, they’re on a “fact-finding” mission, right?


Shouldn’t they welcome all input??


Well, played, President Trump, well played…

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